Here And There For The Holidays

    The holidays are a time to spend with family and sometimes we grumble about having to drive a few minutes or a few hours to see our loved ones, but for one artist her holiday travels are a lot longer. Country artist, Sarah Darling tells us what the holidays are like with her family.

    I grew up in Iowa, but my husband is from London so they holidays could be somewhat complicated if we let them be, but after being married for 5 years we have it down to a science. Every year we switch off between spending the holidays with my family or his. This year we spent the holidays in Iowa which means having the Midwest Christmas I grew up with. One of the perks to being married to someone from another country is the amazing dishes James makes to compliment our traditional Midwest Christmas feast. He makes the most amazing roasted potatoes. It’s a lot of fun because he’s able to introduce all these new dishes to my parents. Both James and I love to cook although I’m much more of a baker so around the holidays I love having bakeathons and making homemade granola. Last year, we spent the holidays in London where things are a bit different. James parents do most of the cooking, but one year for a gift we the four of us took a cooking class that turned out amazing.

    Over the years of traveling to numerous places back and forth, for us the most important advice I can give to couples traveling to different family homes during the holidays is to really be in the moment. Take in all the quality time you can. James and I really try to only do one event a day so we can enjoy our time in that particular setting with our loved ones. Below are some of the tips and tricks we’ve learned.

    1. Homemade gifts are wonderful to give because they’re sentimental and sweet.
    2. Create your own traditions through a combination of both your families traditions. James and I have learned to mold his British traditions with my Midwest ones.
    3. One event per day so you can be fully there at each event.

    While you’re on your numerous journeys headed into the new year whether it’s to see friends or family, check out by holiday album Winter Wonderland for some great road trip tunes.


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