How to Rekindle Your Love Life This Year

    Falling in love is somewhat similar to having a new toy with plenty of secret compartments to discover. However, staying in love is a whole different story. Many relationships usually start off with a lot of enthusiasm, intimacy, and passion. Somewhere along the line, the steam tends to fizzle out as time progresses. Many people in intimate relationships often feel like a pretty long time to keep that spark alive. But just because the honeymoon is over it doesn’t have to mean that the romance goes with it too. Come on, break out of the rut in your relationship, reconnect with your partner, and fire up the passions that brought you together with these tips.

    Try to Nurture Emotional Intimacy

    A good intimate relationship is founded on emotional closeness and intimacy. This means that for you to have a healthy and exciting physical relationship, you must first work on your emotional connections. Try to ensure you make an effort to fulfill your partner’s needs and communicate your needs in a respectful, loving way. If you want to rekindle your love life and reignite the passion and love, you need to turn towards each other as partners. This is known as emotional attunement, which helps you to remain connected even when you disagree.

    Reignite Your Sexual Chemistry

    Things, like holding hands, giving each other hugs, and touching each other in tender ways (while communicating your needs) are great ways for you and your partner to affirm the love you have for each other. In fact, physical affection paves the way for sexual touch that is aimed at pleasure. According to sex therapists, you should try to double the length of time you hug, kiss, and use sensual touch if you want to maintain the spark in your relationship.

    Change your Sex Initiation Patterns

    Perhaps you are coming on too strong or you’re denying your partner. Avoid the habit of criticizing each other or playing the blame game. Try to mix things up to diffuse the power struggle and any tensions between you and your lover. For example, if you’re the kind of person who likes to keep his/her distance, you may want to initiate sex more often. But if you are the kind of person who likes to pursue, you should try to find other ways to let your partner know you want it, in subtle ways while avoiding demands for closeness.

    Find Out if She is Getting Satisfied

    There are many cases of couples complaining that their partner doesn’t sexually satisfy them sexually. You may want to find out about this from your partner when communicating. The communication can be during sex or at other times when you are simply bonding and cuddling on the sofa. Find out if your partner would like you to do anything more that might enhance the level of satisfaction she or he is getting. For instance, you may try including sex toys to spruce things up. 

    It might also be possible that your penis is not the size that would satisfy your partner. You may want to consider penis enlargement in this case. But before you may want to start by finding out what is involved in the procedure (non-surgical or surgical) and how much it costs. Ordinarily, penis enlargement surgery cost is a bit higher compared to non-surgical penis enlargement.

    Firing up your sex life doesn’t have to be that hard this year. Since you already know your partner and what they like or don’t like, you only need to put your mind to it. Remember, it only requires some effort and sacrifice, and a bit of creative imagination.


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