How to Prepare Kratom Tea: A Step-By-Step Guide

    Kratom is a plant that’s native to the tropical regions of Southeast Asia. Its leaves are used for medicinal purposes as well as for their stimulating effects.

    It’s also been known to induce senses of euphoria and, at high concentrations, can produce effects that are similar to opiates. Some people like to take kratom in pill form while others prefer to drink kratom tea. Because of kratom’s bitter taste, you don’t just want to consume it on its own.

    But what exactly is kratom tea? And how can you make it yourself? Continue reading and we’ll walk you through everything you need to know!

    What is Kratom Tea?

    Traditionally, kratom tea is made by brewing the kratom leaves. These days, however, kratom mainly comes in powder form. This powder is made by crushing dried kratom leaves.

    When you sip your kratom tea, instead of quickly gulping it down, you’ll experience a slower come up. You’re also likely to have less nausea than if you were to just down it.

    The alkaloid content in kratom is what’s responsible for its sought-after effects. In order to preserve as much alkaloid content as you can, you shouldn’t let the kratom roll in a boil with the water.

    Instead, just place it in the water when it’s simmering. You can also take your water off the boil for a minute before adding your kratom.

    You can also combine the powder with lemon juice to get rid of some of the bitterness. The acidity will also help make sure that the alkaloid content remains consistent.

    The longer you let the kratom steep, the stronger the effect and flavor will be. This is true of any tea. So the longer you steep the kratom, the more bitter the tea will be.

    1. Boiling Pot Recipe

    For this recipe, you’ll need a pot, four cups of water, kratom powder, and a cheesecloth.

    The first step is to bring the four cups of water to a boil in your pot. Then, lower the heat and add your kratom leaves. Let the leaves simmer for fifteen minutes.

    When the time is up, pour the mixture through the cloth and into a large container. When using powder, you want the plant matter to settle at the bottom. If you’re doing loose leaf kratom, then hold onto the leaves after you strain as you can probably use them in a second tea.

    People like to sweeten their tea in order to combat the bitter flavor. You can use whatever you’d like to sweeten your tea, from honey to sugar to agave.

    1. Teapot Recipe

    This is a very simple and easy tea preparation method. Here, you’ll need a teapot or other vessel for boiling your water. You’ll also need a tea ball and kratom powder.

    Place the desired amount of kratom in the tea ball. Place the tea ball in a mug and set it aside. Then, heat your water.

    Once it’s boiling, take it off the heat for one minute. All you have to do after that is pour the water over your tea ball and you’re done.

    The steeping time will depend on how you want it to taste and how strong you want your brew to be.

    Adding a few drops of honey and a squeeze of lemon is a great way to improve the flavor. And if you’re more into iced tea, you can put the sweetener and lemon in while the drink is hot and then store the tea in your fridge.

    1. Sun Tea

    No matter how hot or cold the water is, your leaves and powder are going to give off flavor when wet. Hot water will infuse the flavor faster. Cold water, on the other hand, is going to take a little longer.

    With that said, one method or temperature isn’t going to get you more flavor than another.

    Brewing sun tea can be a fun way to make kratom tea in big amounts. To do this, you’ll need a gallon jug. You’ll also need kratom powder and tea balls.

    The first step is to fill up your jug with cold water. Then, you can put your powder in your tea balls and brew the tea. Find a sunny area and set your jug down.

    Your jug should be out in the sun for at least one hour and up to four hours. You can move your jug around if you have to follow the sunlight.

    When the time is up, serve the drink immediately. Feel free to throw some ice cubes in there and then drink it.

    And if you ever have leftover kratom powder or leaves, it’s important that you know the proper way to store them. Etanicals offers some great advice on how to store your kratom and maximize its shelf life.

    The Importance of Knowing How to Prepare Kratom Tea

    As we can see, it’s actually pretty easy to brew your own kratom tea. The important thing to know is that it’s totally okay to experiment. So try out the different methods listed above and feel free to try out your own methods too.

    Just remember to not let your kratom get too hot because you don’t want to weaken its alkaloid content. Once you remember that, you should be good to go!

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