How to Maximize Your Engagement Ring on a Budget

    An engagement ring commemorates your relationship with your partner and signifies a new beginning. The purchase is typically a significant financial and emotional investment, so you want to ensure you’re happy with the ring you choose for yourself or your partner. You may be familiar with the “tradition” suggesting couples spend three months of their salary on their engagement ring. This idea stemmed from a marketing campaign in the early 20th century. However, every financial situation is unique, so it’s okay to ditch this rule and create a budget that best suits your lifestyle and priorities. 

    Being strategic and taking the time to make informed decisions can help you maximize your ring on a budget without compromising on quality or giving up your dreams to find the perfect ring. Consider the following tips to create a beautiful ring that helps you and your significant other celebrate your union. 

    Think Outside the Box

    Your engagement ring should reflect your unique taste and relationship with your partner. Although many couples prefer a classic ring, you can choose a design or gemstone that suits your style and budget better.

    A great way to create a beautiful ring and maximize your centre stone size is by adding elements that accentuate the diamond and make it appear larger than it is. Consider adding a halo – a row of accent diamonds that encircle the center stone – to your engagement ring. The collection of stones can create the illusion that your diamond is larger without increasing the size (and cost). Another helpful element is a micro pavé band, which includes a thinner band with accent diamonds that will make the center stone look larger by default.

    Consider Alternative Gemstones

    Although earth-mined diamonds remain a top choice for many couples, others are taking the non-traditional route and choosing alternative gemstones for their engagement ring. If you’re open to adding some colour to your engagement ring, alternative gemstones like morganite, emeralds, or sapphires are a great choice. Not only are they unique, but they are typically less expensive than earth-mined diamonds. One thing to keep in mind with alternative gemstones is their hardness and durability over time, so look up where they fall on the MOHS hardness scale and consider your partner’s lifestyle. 

    If you prefer to stick to diamonds but want to create the best ring on a budget, consider a lab grown diamond. A lab-grown diamond is identical to an earth-mined diamond, and their origin is the only difference. Lab diamonds are less expensive because the technology required to produce the gemstone is highly advanced today, allowing jewellers to offer the diamond for a lower price.

    Explore the collection of lab grown diamond rings from Alexis Gallery and reach out to their streamlined team of experts to craft a ring that works best for you and your partner. They are one of the first Toronto jewellers to offer lab diamonds in Canada, allowing their team to make deep connections with some of the world’s most reputable makers of independently certified lab diamonds. So, you don’t have to compromise on quality when you work with their team to create your alternative gemstone.

    Stick with a Solitaire

    Solitaire engagement rings typically feature a single-center diamond or gemstone mounted in a classic and simple setting. It is one of the simplest and most timeless rings that allow you to customize them based on your needs. According to a survey, the classic solitaire continues to be the most popular setting style in 2022, with approximately a third of respondents choosing this ring style.

    Consider choosing a solitaire ring and adding a unique touch to the design without hurting your wallet. Depending on your taste, you can opt for a petal setting, defined prong shape, or double prong. Unique elements in the craft won’t cost you too much but can add a personal touch to your engagement ring and allow it to stand out.

    An engagement ring is a significant financial and emotional investment that celebrates your partner’s first step in a new journey. Make the process less overwhelming by learning how to maximize your ring on a limited budget.

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