How to Make Him Fall in Love With You

    In much of life, you can get some kind of guarantee of success. For example, if you diet and exercise, you can expect to lose weight. If you get a good education and network, you will find your career blossoming. The same cannot be said, however, about love. Love is a subjective thing and there’s no true formula that you can use to find it.

    That being said, most people who try to find someone eventually do—assuming that they try the right way. Statistics show that the vast majority of people eventually find a partner to marry in their lives, which means that numbers alone suggest you have a good chance.

    Attracting men and women tend to require different skills, and if you’re trying to make that special guy fall in love with you, it’s a good idea to know how to play your cards right. To give lovelorn ladies a chance, I decided to make this article detailing the best tips for making men fall for you.

    • Practice physical self care.  Humans of all genders are wired to find the healthiest partner they can. Healthy people are attractive people. When you take care of yourself, you start looking better.

      Sadly, we live in a culture that tends to glorify bad habits. Don’t fall for it! There is absolutely nothing wrong with hitting the gym, watching what you eat, and avoiding substances. Your body and love life will thank you for it.
    • Get yourself emotionally healthy, too. The biggest complaint that all singles seem to have is how difficult it is to find someone who is emotionally healthy to be with. If you want to make him fall for you, you need to be the kind of person that can hold yourself up.

      If you have trauma, substance abuse issues, or have a seriously hard time keeping friends, it may be a good idea to look into therapy. You would be surprised at how much it can help you become a better partner and communicator.
    • Start getting some hobbies. Among men, the easiest way to get once-interested guys to bail is to have them be your whole world. It’s suffocating, and also acts as a clear way to a codependent relationship. Guys love to see a woman who has her own life, complete with career and hobbies.

      A good perk of having hobbies is that they allow you to connect with other people, and possibly find the right guy for you. It’s a win-win.
    • Talk to him and actively listen. If there’s one thing guys love, it’s having a lady who talks to them and actually listens to what they have to say. Take this time to bond with him and learn about who he is.
    • Remember that you still need to be selective. Trust me when I say that I understand the immense pressure women face to get married and find love. It’s brutal. To make matters worse, it’s all too easy to get into desperation mode and pursue someone who isn’t good for you. Desperation is universally unattractive, so if you find yourself falling into this trap, take a break from dating until it subsides.
    • Respect yourself enough to refuse bad behavior. Believe it or not, people don’t respect people who they deem to be pushovers. Many guys will actually reject girls if they notice that the girl in question lets them treat them poorly. Those who don’t rarely ever make good partners. You need respect in order to get love.

      Tough as it may be, you need to put up boundaries with the guy of your dreams and enforce them if you have to. Remember, it’s better to be alone than with the wrong person.
    • Compliment him. Fun fact: men rarely ever get complimented. If you want to see a guy melt, compliment him. It’s really just that simple.
    • Don’t be afraid to read up on the subject. In the dating world, knowledge is absolutely vital to being able to get a guy to fall in love with you. A single online article will only help so much. That’s why it’s a good idea to choose an e-book or two to brush up on your dating skills, like His Secret Obsession.
    • Be willing to walk away if he’s not returning your advances. Nothing quite turns off a guy like a woman who just doesn’t accept rejection. If he’s already rejected you multiple times, the only way to maintain a shot at dating him in the future is to walk away and let him feel your absence. After all, nothing makes a person regret losing you like the thought of “what if?”


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