How to Look Good in Pictures: 9 Useful Tips

    There’s no denying that taking professional or professional-looking pictures has taken over the social media world. It seems like more and more people both men and women are competing on various platforms to see whose picture can get the most likes or comments. 

    Even if you’re not in competition with someone else, you might be in competition with yourself. You’re always looking for new photo ops in hidden locations to create the best pictures, but knowing how to look good in pictures is more difficult than one would expect.

    Instagram models and celebrities make taking pictures look easy, but what you don’t see is all of the work done behind the scene to get that perfect shot. Don’t let this discourage you, though. You can take amazing photos too by following a few photo tips.

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    1. Practice in a Mirror or Selfie Mode

    Taking selfies is much easier than having someone else take your photos for you because you can see exactly what you look like. If you could take selfies all the time, you’d look great in every photo, however, this isn’t the case. Selfies only go so far. 

    You can’t take that amazing tree-climbing photo with only one hand, and selfies normally can’t include the entire body unless there’s a mirror nearby. To practice for a photographer, you can take selfies or practice in a mirror to discover the right pose or facial expression you’re looking for. 

    You might even want to bring a large mirror along with you for your photoshoot to help you!

    1. Keep Moving While in Position

    During your shoot, you should keep moving while in position. This doesn’t mean get up and turn around or move about. What this means is to move your neck, your arms, your legs, all while remaining in the same position. 

    You might discover that you like your foot a certain way and so forth. The more you move about while staying in the same position, the more likely you are to find a picture you love.

    1. Try Different Facial Expressions

    If there’s a certain facial expression that you tend to stick to, then it’s fine to take a good amount with this expression. If that’s the face you like, then that’s the face you want to make. Don’t hesitate to try different facial expressions, however. 

    Again, the more facial expressions you try, the better chances you have at finding a few different ones that you like. Try the serious face, the laughing face, a big smile, a slight smile, and so on. 

    1. Test Out Different Poses and Angles

    Once you find a great spot for your photos, you should try out different poses and angles as well. Take a few sitting down, a few standing up, some kneeling, and whatever else you can think of. 

    Try to be as creative as possible and think outside the box! Have your photographer test out a few different angles for each position as well. One angle might look terrible while another angle looks amazing all for the same pose. 

    1. Use Props to Stay Busy

    When taking photos, you want it to look natural. It’s sometimes hard to figure out what to do with your hands in photos. Using props gives your hands something to do and helps you stay busy during the shoot. 

    Try to think of props that work well with the theme of your shoot. If you ever find yourself feeling awkward during a shoot, the use of props might eliminate this feeling.

    1. Highlight Your Favorite Features

    Take a minute to think about what your favorite features are. Is it your hair? Maybe it’s your eyes or another body part. 

    Whatever your favorite feature is, highlight this in your photos. Make these features the focal point of your pictures. It’ll make you feel amazing when looking at your photos like a boost of confidence, which will help you in your future pictures as well. 

    1. Choose Outfits You’re Comfortable in

    If you want to take an excellent picture, you need to feel comfortable. If you’re not comfortable, it’ll show. There are many things that might play a part in you being either comfortable or uncomfortable. 

    Your location, who’s taking your pictures, and what you’re wearing can all play a part. Be sure to choose outfits that you’ll feel like you can be yourself in and confident. 

    1. Communicate With the Photographer

    If there’s a certain type of photo you’re looking for, then be sure to communicate this with the photographer. The same is true for all other aspects of the shoot. Is there something you don’t like about the way the pictures are turning out?

    Is there something you absolutely love? Communicate your feelings with the photographer so he or she can make changes as needed to provide you with the best final result for your Instagram app for mac or Facebook page. 

    1. Check the Photos Frequently

    Checking your photos frequently during the shoot can help you see what you need to do differently in the photos to get the look you want. It’s hard to understand what you need to change about your pose or facial expression if you can’t see it for yourself.

    Ask your photographer to let you see a few photos throughout the shoot so you can switch things up if needed!

    This Is How to Look Good in Pictures!

    These tips are how to look good in pictures! Use them to help you transform into a social media model in no time! Don’t forget that taking pictures like a professional takes practice, but with hard work and these tips, you’re sure to get the hang of it.

    For more topics as helpful as this one, keep checking back with us on a regular basis!


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