How To Have Your Best Girls Night In

    Quick, calling all females.This is an emergency. Where’s the wine opener??? I am in desperate need of a Girl’s Night In!

    Ladies Night used to mean getting all dolled up, hitting the club till dawn, after hour diner runs, and someone having a vodka-induced emotional breakdown, but those days seem to be long gone- thankfully! I don’t think I even have it in me anymore to throw on such a restricting, bandage dress and dance till the wee hours of last call, but the problem remains, I miss my BFF’s. The older I have gotten, life as expected, has become more daunting and demanding. Time is limited, money is tight and I’m always exhausted.

    One thing is for sure though, girl time is absolutely necessary!

    These days I’d just much rather prefer to opt for a girly night in.  I am at the point where a date with my squad is no longer about posing for pics, chasing men or chasing dreams, its all about the quality moments that help me to regain my sanity for the week ahead. After all, you haven’t heard? Staying in is the new going out.

    “Bestie Bonding” is a definite precondition if you are looking to maintain ideal physical and mental health. A group of girls, “a box” of alcohol, and a good therapy session is good for the soul. Remember, drinking is only a problem if you are by yourself…

    So what does the recipe for the perfect Girl’s Night In call for, you ask?

    It’s actually pretty simple…

     Step 1: Ingredients


    • X amount of your closest gal pals
    • Raw cookie dough
    • 3 tablespoons of gossip
    • 5 hours of trash T.v
    • 1 box of tissues

    Troubles with #bae? Financial woes? Boss being a butt-munch? All of the typical unavoidable problems women need to discuss and vent about… Add a cup of sugar and spice, mix it all together with some of our ideas to follow, no money or designated driver required, and prepare for an old-fashioned girl-fest. Minus the pillow fights in our bras & underwear- Sorry fellas.

    Step 2: Activities

    Bitch a little. Wine A Lot.

    It’s all about having your priorities straight. Save the carbs for all of your “wine-ing” and share gossip until you get each other’s heart rates up. Here is the time and place to exchange stories…reveal secrets, complain, and of course ask the obligatory question, “So what degree of shambles would you say your life is in?”

    Now is the time to spill it! Not the wine though, just the voice of your disturbing inner monologue in safe company.

    Dance Battle

    Girls get down with your bad selves. Throw on your favorite playlist. Get funky, get silly, and more importantly, get ready to laugh. Break out your busted old school moves and I promise you within a few moments everyone will be forced to admit that Gloria Estefan is right- eventually the rhythm is going to get you!

    Have A Cook-Off

    No one has to be particularly gifted in the culinary arts to trade recipes or cook up some fun in the kitchen. Turn basic cooking skills from a chore to a party. The whole gang can whip up their own personal specialty dishes or everyone can join in on a theme for one big feast. You all will have a blast working together and indulging in on the result!

    Movie Marathon

    Save it for a night with the sisterhood. Hugh Grant or Katherine Heigl in a new chick flick that you’ve been dying to see but refuse to put your man through the cinematic torture? Not to worry. That’s what your girls are for. Binge watch throwback episodes of the original Beverly Hills 90210, schedule an appointment with Bravo or Lifetime to catch up on all of the classics or made for T.V. guilty pleasures.

    Pin, Craft, Talk Mad Sh*t

    Some people are better at it than others. They just have a certain knack for it- not just referring to arts and crafts projects here either. My guess would be that if hatin’ was a hobby, your crew would have the leading Pin-Board. Either way, combine the two.

    Get your glitter guns out and shoot rapid fire as you scroll down the social pages of the girl on IG who posts nothing but half naked selfies with inspiration quotes. It will actually help you all to release negative energy and tension, as well as reassure you that you are not the only one who feels this way. Just make sure you follow it up by creating an awesome vision-board or something…ya know for positivities sake.

    Play Dress Up 

    Although it’s encouraged and expected for every girl to show up looking like the hottest mess imaginable, ergo no makeup and their baggiest set of jammies, a cool idea would be to bring something to play dress up with, perhaps even swap with one another. There is usually a bevy of different types of beauties among every group of friends, with a variety of distinct opinions of what is runway worthy and vogue-esque. Dress each other up- whether serious or as a joke. For instance, bring your favorite “hoe” cocktail dress for your homely, shy friend to try on for a good laugh, crimp each other’s hair, trade styles, look ridiculous… Now is the time to talk your friend out of always wearing those high-waisted pants, etc. Nailed it! If you can’t look like the ugliest or silliest version of yourself in front of your girls, are they really your friends?


    Whether it’s manis/pedis, facials, braiding hair or confiding about your deepest, darkest, oracles, every girls clubs knows all about each other’s situations.

    But woman to woman, take advantage of the at-home remedies while stripping each other of all unwanted aesthetic issues. Your friends will be there to assist you shall anything go array. A makeover with the girls will leave you feeling fulfilled and refreshed to take on the world. Remember what happens to be confidential, may leave you more confident when handled with support.


    The only correct formula to make sure this night in goes off without a hitch is your very best friends. It doesn’t really matter what you do. Tonight is the nigh to party with your homies. The sky is the limit. Burn bras. Read books. Go out and vote if the spirit moves you to. You are women, hear you roar. And commemorate, girls just want to have fun.