How To Grow Your Popularity On TikTok

    It’s been quite a while now since 2017 when TikTok was launched into the market. Douyin, which is its counterpart for the Chinese market was launched a little bit earlier than that. Over this time, TikTok has been something of a mega-hit, having surpassed one billion downloads just from the non-Chinese market. This phenomenon known as TikTok has rapidly taken our society by storm, and a lot of our celebrities and icons have taken to the platform. TikTok is not like your average social media as the ultrashort nature of the videos posted there encourages you to be spontaneous in your presentation. In other words, TikTok rewards you for just being you. Okay, behind such generalizations, let us look at some specific ways to increase your popularity on TikTok.

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    Let your vibrancy shine through:

     People are drawn to that which glows and glitters. This is also true of TikTok. Unleash your inner awesomeness in your clips and watch as your likes and followers dramatically increase. 

    Hashtags are your friends:

    Whenever you are making a video about one topic or another, make sure that you incorporate as many hashtags as are relevant into the video (maybe with an emoji or three). Not only does this help viewers connect more fundamentally with your videos, but it also helps to channel people who are following a particular hashtag towards your posts. It would be a plus for you if you know how to download tik tok video on your phone, as it is very useful.

    Do something new:

    The human mind loves novelty. If you can provide content on your TikTok channel that is fresh and innovative, you will soon gather a following of faithful fans who check out your videos on a daily basis. 

    Always be on time:

     Your faithful fans expect you to post content regularly if not even daily. Develop a schedule which details when you post your videos. This allows your fans to know around when to expect your next video. When you make this schedule, keep to it. Do not keep your fans waiting.

    Community is key:

     TikTok does not wholly exist just for you to post your clips, there is an online community which, if you handle well, could boost your TikTok popularity. You could even extend the popularity of your TikTok channel by connecting friends you have made on other social platforms. One way to get the best out of the TikTok community is to ensure that you reply to your comments. It makes your fans feel valued. Also, you may want to team up with creators like you who post similar videos. This could create a snowball effect on your TikTok popularity. Also, do not be shy to request for feedback on how best to grow your channel.

    Quality control:

    If you’re really aiming to grow your TikTok popularity, do not be tempted to just push out a slew of substandard clips. It might actually be more beneficial to your TikTok popularity if you released videos less frequently but those videos were of high quality. Get quality audio tracks, get a good camera which can help you with high-quality visuals and you’re good to go.


    Growing a loyal following on TikTok takes time and perseverance. However, if the principles mentioned above are followed judiciously, it’s only a matter of time before your popularity grows and the number of people who check your videos increases. Just a matter of time.

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