Tips to Improve Client Communication

    Communication is the most important part of maintaining a healthy relationship. You can apply this to any relationships in your life, but it’s also important if you work in a client facing role, like white label digital marketing. Good client communication can help keep your clients happy to work with you. Not only will practicing good communication with clients help strengthen your relationship, it will also make your everyday tasks much easier. By working to better communicate with your clients, you’ll likely be able to easily smooth out any issues and misunderstandings that can come up.

    Be prepared for questions

    Anytime you’re going into a meeting with clients, you should be expecting questions and have the answers prepared ahead of time. It helps to consider what questions your client might have before they ask them. This way, you can possibly address these questions ahead of time before they get the chance to ask them. Knowing what common questions and concerns for a client are can help save you time and let them know that you’re well prepared and knowledgeable. 

    Ask questions

    Just like you should be ready to answer a client’s questions, you should also be ready to ask them questions as well. Asking questions can help ensure that your team is on the same page as what the client wants. It can also help make them feel more comfortable working with you if they think you have a good understanding of what they’re looking for. 

    Be an active listener

    One of the most important parts of good interpersonal communication skills is being an active listener. Active listening skills are important when you’re face to face with a client because they can easily see whether or not you’re engaged in the conversation. Active listening will make the client feel respected and important. Some ways that you can practice being an active listener are eye contact, posture, positive reinforcement, and reflection.  

    Understand the client’s comfort zone

    The age of your client could make a difference in the way they feel comfortable interacting with you. Some older clients will likely prefer speaking with you over the phone, while younger clients might be more comfortable communicating over emails. Asking your client what method of communication works best for them can give them the best environment to communicate effectively. 

    Follow up promptly

    After each time you meet with a client, it’s important that you follow up with them soon after. You should also try to keep up regular communication with the client to stay in the loop. This can help make sure everything is being done correctly and no plans have been changed. It also helps your clients know that you’re still with them and thinking of them even when you don’t have anything with them scheduled. 

    Be friendly 

    Possibly the easiest way of improving your client communication is just to be friendly and pleasant. Even if you’re doing everything perfectly, a bad attitude will ruin your relationship with your client. Being positive during your meetings can make a huge difference.


    • Tom La Vecchia

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