How to Feel Confident in Bed

    Sexual confidence makes sex much more enjoyable for us and our partners. Read on to learn how to be confident in bed here.

    Feeling sexy while being intimate is a difficult proposition. Many women have low self-confidence for any number of reasons, and it’s hard to ignore those feelings in a compromising position. Let’s go through some quick tips for how to be confident in bed.

    Communicate and Cooperate

    It’s important to talk about your fears and desires with your partner, so everyone can feel safe and on the same page (Remember, enthusiastic consent is what you’re looking for!). However, knowing what your partner expects and what feels good to them can also help boost your confidence in the boudoir.

    It’s hard to perform a task when you only have half the information, right? It can be awkward, but communicating is the best way to feel sexier in bed.

    And there are other plus sides, too. If you’re in a committed relationship (or relationships), it can strengthen your bonds. And, if you’re not, you’ll feel more confident having the conversation with your next partner — which will also boost your confidence in the bedroom!

    Take Your Vitamins

    There are some other routes you can take to feel sexy in bed. There are a number of supplements that you and your partner can take to try and boost your confidence. One example is Dignity Labs, which offers a wide variety of supplements that can be particularly helpful if you have a male partner. And hey, even if it doesn’t help your confidence at least you’ll be healthier.

    Embrace The Physical

    Simply, the best way to gain more confidence in bed is to not overthink it. That can be a difficult proposition for people who struggle with anxiety or are just type A personalities. Using common stress relief techniques, like taking deep breaths, can help reduce your stress in the bedroom. 

    Another way to feel more confident in the bedroom is to focus on the physical. Pay attention to what feels good to you, and what feels good to your partner. Giving and receiving pleasure can be empowering, which can boost your confidence. 

    Find What Works For You

    An important part of learning how to be confident in bed is to figure out what you want in bed. You can’t communicate your needs or embrace the physical side if you don’t actually know what you’re looking for.

    That’s why it’s important to explore what you like, figure out what works for you and what doesn’t and discover what you need. Knowledge is power, and power is confidence — so gain all the confidence you can, mind, body and soul. Try experimenting by yourself (or with your partner) so that you can truly gain more confidence in bed.

    How To Be Confident in Bed

    There’s no one right answer that’ll help you be more confident in bed. Ultimately, it’s different strokes for different folks — when it comes to sex, one size doesn’t fit all. But if you try the tips above, you should be at least on track to be more confident in your sex life.

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