How to Create Your Own Life and Win At Business with James Altucher

    Jeremy Ryan Slate Interviews James Altucher as they discuss how to truly create your own life.

    Jeremy has been one of our top contributors for New Theory as he has one of the top podcasts for entrepreneurs with the Create Your Own Life Podcast. Jeremy has been vocal as he wanted to have James Altucher on the show for over two years and has worked to make it a reality.

    This interview, justifiably, went over the scheduled time to over an hour. Jeremy conducted the meeting live in at an NYC comedy club as they had a candid conversation about life and being an entrepreneur.

    Who is James Altucher? To provide a quick backstory, James was losing a million dollars a week. His bank account went from $15 million to $143 at a time he was getting divorced. To make it worse he had to sell his apartment with no prospects or friends to help out.

    He turned it around by choosing himself and pulling himself together. He is the best selling author, and his podcast is a top 10 related podcast.

    Take a listen to this excellent podcast about life and business:

    Here is the original article / Interview:


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