How to create the perfect family holiday

    Holidays are what make having a family so wonderful. After all, there are a million places to go, a million things to see, and a million new experiences for your children to encounter for the first time. But to make sure your next trip away is the best one yet, here are some great ideas for you to put together the perfect family break.


    Choose a destination together 


    It’s not a good idea for one person to dictate what you’ll do as a family, as it’ll inevitably lead to squabbles and floods of tears. But you can come up with a shortlist of destinations and allow the family to help decide on one. It sets the tone for the rest of the holiday and makes the days leading up to it even more fun for the kids.


    Dedicate one day to each family member 


    That’s right. Each parent gets to choose what the family does on their days, and then you have some time to let the kids take the lead. It might sound like a nail-biting experience, but you may find yourself having more fun than ever!


    For family bonding moments on holiday, it doesn’t get much better than letting each person choose a day of fun, sun, relaxation, adventure, or perhaps all four!


    Immortalise your memories for when you get back home 


    Get plenty of pictures taken and be sure to look at ways to make them a forever memory at home. As soon as you return, get a few images off to be immortalised in canvas print form. With so many various shapes and sizes, they’ll make the perfect surprise that you can combine on a family wall or have in separate rooms.


    Companies like Hello Canvas are perfect for making those wonderful holiday memories last forever. With the latest techniques to make colours pop and your canvas look beautiful, it’s worth doing just to see the looks on your family’s faces!


    Keep the kids occupied on the journey there 


    But before you can buy a treasured reminder of the perfect family holiday, you’ll need to all get there in one piece! Prepare the kids with some books, travel games, and other things to keep them occupied during the trip to your destination. You’ll thank us later!


    Try something new as a family


    While every family tends to have one fussy eater, it’s worth trying to encourage everyone to try something new together. If everyone else joins in, you may find your more picky eaters being convinced that it’s not so bad!


    Discuss the local dishes you’re trying and develop that love of new experiences in your young ones. Once it starts, it’ll be hard to stop them!


    Take the time to choose the perfect accommodation 


    The place you stay can absolutely make or break a good holiday, so it’s vital that you do your best to find the right accommodation. Ideally, finding separate but neighbouring hotel rooms or renting a villa will give you the right amount of intimacy and space to stay connected but also allow a little time apart!


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