How to Create an Effective Brand Ambassador? Design Promotional T-Shirts

    Promotional t-shirts, USB drives, pens, drinking cups, lip balms, and fidget spinners are only a few of the most popular items that companies give out in today’s times. Smartly designed tees, hoodies, and custom polo shirts with the brand logo can entice recipients to wear them for a good long while. Every time the wearers step out of their homes with the t-shirts on, they become ambassadors for your brand by giving it visibility and attracting interest. But, for your targeted audience to appreciate your gifts enough to want to wear them, the tees would have to be trendy, in attractive colors, and available in a range of sizes that are suitable for a wide range of customers.

    If you thought designing promotional t-shirts was easy, know that online websites which market these products just make it seem that way. That’s because of the convenience they offer you. The fact is that various intricate factors go into creating the perfect tee that will match your advertising campaign, company logo, and the hottest selling colors of the season. Interested in learning more about how to make the right impact with giveaways? Read ahead.

    1 – The T-Shirt Design Must Match the Current Marketing Strategy

    The promotional t-shirts you order will likely act as giveaways for a specific marketing game plan. You could be advertising a new product range or repackaging existing products for a different customer demographic. Accordingly, you’ll need tees that talk about the campaign with new base colors and a smart font. The designer company will discuss in detail what you hope to achieve from the strategy and who your targeted audience is.

    Many companies have a portfolio of sketches to give you an overview of what they can do for you. Go ahead and choose the format, pattern, or fonts you like best and have them create a set of new options that you can choose from. The exciting thing about online websites is that they can print and create the tees within a short time frame so even if you have last-minute plans, you can expect the designing company to deliver on time.

    2 – The T-Shirts Would Have to Provide Adequate Utility

    If you want recipients to truly welcome the promotional t-shirts and other items you give out, ensure that they’re made with high-grade materials and provide adequate utility. Match the cost of the gifts with the budget you’ve allocated toward the campaign and pick out more economical items if needed. Cheap, low-quality giveaways reflect on the stature of your company so be cautious when choosing the gifts. Keep in mind that long-lasting gifts continue to act as brand ambassadors up to the end of their cycle just as this article on The New York Times explains.

    3 – The Company Logo Should be Prominent

    Before approving the final t-shirt design, make sure that the company logo is placed strategically so that it has the most visibility and impact. Like this article on The Cut warns, you may want to make sure that the message you’re sending across does not clash with the company slogan and come across in bad taste. Also, check that the placement is suitable so both men and women can wear the apparel comfortably.

    Often times, the wrong combinations can spell disaster and make a laughing stock of the promotional t-shirts or get publicity for all the bad reasons. Steer clear of controversial topics, political, racist, sexist, communal, or offensive references. On the other hand, choosing topics that everyone is talking about can encourage people to wear tees that broadcast their views on the subject. Of course, the safest bet is to design logos that are entwined with the city name.

    4 – Apparel Should be Smart and Wearable

    Even the best of designers cannot accurately predict how the products will finally turn out. Often times, the patterns, colors, and fonts you choose for the promotional t-shirts may end up looking quite different from what you anticipated. For instance, like this feature on the Chron magazine recommends, check that the logo is not overshadowed by the slogans and features.  Before you place a large order, you could consider requesting a couple of samples in his and her specifications to get a clear view of what to expect. You can always make the necessary changes when you place the final order.

    5 – Printing Technique Should be Attractive and Permanent

    When you start to explore t-shirt printing, you’ll learn that there are various kinds of techniques that can make a world of difference in the final look and appeal of the garment. For instance, if you want long-lasting designs that can take the maximum of wash and wear without fading, opt for embroidered logos. Alternatively, opt for tackle twill lettering made with high-test polyester twill that is custom-cut and appliquéd on the fabric. To add a dressy, eye-catching flair to your giveaways, you could use foil printing to emboss your company logo and chosen pattern.

    6 – Tees Should be Available in Different Sizes

    When ordering promotional t-shirts to give out to customers, make sure you order them in a range of sizes. If you aren’t quite sure about the popular sizes, rely on the website taking your order for advice. With their extensive experience in helping companies run advertising campaigns, they’ll likely have an accurate overview of the most-commonly demanded sizes and specifications. You may also want to plan for enough men’s and women’s tees depending on the type of products you’re selling and the audience you’re targeting. Remember, in addition to using the apparel as an advertising strategy, you can also distribute them among company employees to encourage a sense of loyalty or as a team-building exercise.

    While promotional t-shirts can act as excellent giveaways, it is vital that you incorporate the right designing so they achieve the results you’re looking for. Tees are highly versatile and can be worn by all ages and genders. Use this marketing tool effectively and you’re sure to make a success of your company.

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