How to Buy a Great Set of Speakers Without Spending a Fortune

    Introduction – how to buy speakers with the greatest value

    Now, most people don’t ask themselves “how to buy speakers” – it’s always easier to file through online reviews and put your trust in reliable bloggers. But is it? The sole purpose of this article is to provide you with the necessary “how to” when it comes to making decisions, regardless of how little or great they are.

    If you happen to like a certain speaker set, you don’t have to jump to conclusions right away. Even if you don’t want to, we highly recommend that you invest extra time in finding a suitable model for comparison. The one you deem is perfect might not appear so after a while.

    All in all, we’re not here to discuss the best speakers – we want you to be the judge of that. We want you to form a line which makes the distinction between the “good” and “bad”, and hopefully, you will be able to do just that after you’ve finished reading this.

    Things to consider before you buy your speakers

    Truth be told, the whole “how to buy speakers” thing is the same as choosing a set of shoes.

    First of all, you’ll have to like how your speakers look like, as they’re not only little contraptions that emit sound – they’re a part of your home, a decoration of sorts. Nevertheless, this quality shouldn’t be your #1 on the list. Beautiful speakers that break down easily (or sound plainly bad) aren’t exactly valuable, perse.

    Secondly, you want to be comfortable with your purchase – leave no room for regrets. If you’re absolutely certain that the speaker set you’ve chosen is the one right for you, then who are we to argue? Just like no one can determine how much comfort you feel while wearing your shoes, no one but you can know how comfortable you are with the speakers you want to buy.

    Thirdly, there’s the issue of price. As you’ve probably figured already, there are “budget” speakers that boast high affordability while lacking in other fields of performance, just like there are “high-end”, or boutique models that are phenomenal in every way aside from the price.

    The “golden middle” rule should help you out tremendously – everything that’s really valuable can be found between the two extremes. While budget speakers break down extremely fast, high-end models cost a fortune. This means that both of these price ranges have a set of benefits and downfalls. The middle price point category, however, takes the best from the both.

    Last, but not least, you should have a clear overview of the items set before you on the market’s table. Don’t take online reviews for granted, rather use them as your guidelines. Trust YouTube tryouts in accordance to the views, likes, and dislikes ratio, and so on.

    Even though picking a right set of speakers isn’t as hard as nuclear science, it can be a tricky job. Once you’ve taken all of these things into consideration, the set you’re looking for will outshine other models with ease.

    Step by step instruction on how to buy speakers with great value

    Now that we’ve had a quick rundown of the things you should take into consideration, let’s proceed to step-by-step instructions. You don’t have to follow these guidelines to the letter, rather consider them as hints whenever you’re in doubt:

    Step 1 – Decide on your budget

    We all have our limitations when it comes to money, even more so when it comes to buying luxury items, such as speakers (they’re not a necessity). So, if you’re asking yourself “how to buy speakers”, try adding “for a reasonable amount of money” in that sentence.

    The reason why you want to start by determining the price range is simple – you don’t want to spend hours looking at the ones you can’t afford, nor you want to rummage through the ones that aren’t worth the time and money.

    Your wallet is your first guide

    Step 2 – Take a closer inspection of your speakers. Decide what you want improved

    Everyone has at least some form of speakers at home (exceptions are possible, but they’re not enough to make a rule), and these speakers are probably the reason why you’re searching for another set – you’re not content with them.

    Even though you may not like how your current speakers sound, they could, actually, prove to be quite useful in your search for a better set. Pay more attention to the sound they emit, to the construction, and other vital aspects. You’ll notice that there are things that yearn for improvement. The speakers you’re after should pass that criteria.

    Old speakers set the bar for new ones

    Step 3 – Narrow down your search in accordance to the previous steps

    You don’t have to search far and wide – in fact, aimlessly searching for your speakers without any prior consideration will take a considerable amount of time and effort. This is the reason why you should equip yourself with newfound knowledge, and start your search within certain parameters.

    First of all, the budget you’ve previously decided on should cross out the other price point categories. Additionally, the things you never liked about your old speakers should give you an insight about how your new set should sound like. Consider the quality of sound and the durability of new speakers, and you’ll have understood the formulae of value.

    Step 4 – Pick several speaker models and do a thorough comparison

    Plainly put, you want to pit several speaker models “against each other” before you decide which one suits you the best. Make a list of pros and cons for each one, and the model whose pros greatly outweigh the cons should be considered. Those models that possess no potential flaws should sit atop of your list.

    The “pros” (left) outweighing the “cons” (right)

    Conclusion – Pronounce the victor

    In the end, it’s all a matter of subjective preference. Consult the list of your favorites, and you should cross out one after another, resulting in a duel between several, most competent speaker models. The one that strikes you as the best should have the following qualities:

    • High durability, hence reliable construction
    • Superior sound quality when compared to other, inferior speakers
    • No fatal flaws
    • Price within your pre-determined budget

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    I’m Alex Frank who has worked sound technology industry for 10 years now. Today, I am an affiliate blogger who likes to educate my audience more about sound technology. Visit to Music Instruments Center to find all information about music that you need.


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