How Dennis Yu is Creating the Next Generation of Great Entrepreneur

    Is our education system set up for success? It’s a question that I have asked myself repeatedly.

    Does any individual really know what they want to do at 18 years old? I don’t really thing so; it’s created a gap between success and the experience to get one there.

    Oft times, careers want experience, but how does one get that experience without being in the career? Beyond that, how does one discern where they really want to go in life?

    What’s missing in the business space? The idea of apprenticeship is something normal in the business space for hundreds of years, but in the past century has seemed to fallen out of vogue.

    If you wanted to learn from a master, you would work under him for a series of years, gaining the experience needed to become a professional at his trade.

    For some time, I have observed Co-Founder of BlitzMetrics, Dennis Yu, the man not just bringing mentorship into his business model but managing to do so at scale.

    If you look at the number of young influencers that are connected to Dennis and using his systems, it’s quite astounding.

    What makes what Dennis is doing different that the rest of the space?

    Mentorship at scale? How does it happen?

    Here’s what it looks like in implementation:

    A Willingness to Teach:

    First and foremost, as an entrepreneur, you have to realize that as the one creating the idea, you are also doing a lot of teaching. You have to be willing to teach, keeping all the information to yourself will not allow yourself or your company to grow; being willing to do so is the underlying thing in this whole concept.

    Second to that, it is important to look at how your time is structured. You will find that the vast amount of your time is spent implementing or teaching, and as your company grows, you will find yourself spending more time teaching and less time implementing.

    The greatest entrepreneurs are teachers and motivators. 


    A great business should be like a franchise, meaning that things are done a certain way. McDonald’s cooks a hamburger a certain way  and everyone understands that is just how it’s done. Your company should be able to have everything written up in easily shareable and understandable processes.

    Dennis believes that each of these trainings should not only focus on one type of learner but should be able to be concerned in different modalities, be it written, audio or video.

    Breaking it down even further, training levels allows you to have cohesiveness in your organization, and also have an awareness for the ability level of each of those on your staff.

    Such a breakdown not only makes learning easier, but it also makes the disbursement of work easier, in that it is given to someone that can complete it with confidence.  

    Creating a Feeling of Team:

    If you follow Dennis Yu on Facebook, you not only see that he is an expert at what he does, but that he is building a team dynamic.

    Whether it is a break from a business trip to explore the local mountains, catching a great meal at a high end steakhouse or taking in a Golden State Warriors game, Dennis is always having fun with his team.

    Not only does this create an amazing bond with the people that work with you and for you, but it creates a willingness in your team to produce for you.

    A close team wants to win not only for themselves, but for those that they are working with on a day-to-day basis.

    When it comes down to it, building a company is really, creating a team and a culture that creates a result.

    A great company can mentor at scale, and teach in such a way that others can not only think in the way that the founder or implementor does, but create such a high level of belief in the vision that it cannot help but to create success.

    Building mentorship into your business model is important to really create success, and if you look now at the number of young leaders that Dennis Yu and Blitzmetrics are turning out, it may be time to look how your company too can implement the secret sauce.

    Create community, systemize and keep it simple. With that comes a high level of competence and business success.

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