How to Budget for Home Renovations or Maintenance

    a house

    If you are thinking about renovating your house, you have to plan ahead. This needs full attention and a bank or wallet full of cash. Every financial consultant knows for a fact that most of the time, the costing is way higher than the estimate, so you better have extra money to make sure the lack of it will not halt the project. Now Loans is a 24/7 online lender platform that offers a wide range of bad credit loans, which are a great option for this kind of budgeting.

    1. How do you know how much to save for a renovation without getting a quote?

    First, you have to decide what you need versus what you just want. You have to determine exactly what your priorities are and where you’d get the money from. It is key that you have a clear idea of the dimension of the renovation you are thinking of, and the tools you will use for that purpose.

    2. What are some good savings tools to use for short-term financial goals?

a. Cut down on things that are not necessary. Cancel nonessential monthly memberships to save more money.

    b. Eliminate high-interest debts first. List all your debts, the amount, interest rates, and minimum monthly dues. Prioritize settling the ones that have the highest interest rates so it will get easier going forward.

    c. Sell what you don’t need. Gather the things that you don’t use anymore but still have value. You can sell it for more cash or barter it for things that you need.

    3. Should you budget some incidental money in case the budget goes over?

    More often than not, the cost of renovation exceeds the estimated amount. Make sure to save extra money for emergencies, for instance, there might be unexpected things like damaged water pipes or molds that could slash a considerable amount off of your budget.4

    4. Should you pay for the project upfront or pay as you go?

    It is unreasonable for any contractors to ask you to pay upfront. It’s a big red flag. Of course, they would ask for money to start the contract but make sure it should be nothing more than 15%.

    5. How can you negotiate a renovation to ensure it’s within your budget?

    You can schedule the renovation when the business is slow for the contractors, so you can negotiate for their fees. Also, you can purchase your supplies if you’d like to check for the best price.

    6. Go and shop around

    Shopping around on your own the materials that would be needed for the renovation can be the best way to save some extra cash. There is no need that you have to pay for all the appliances from the same company that is supplying your room units.

    7. Re-use old materials

    Many renovation projects involve the demolition of old parts of the building itself. Therefore, reusing the original material will definitely pay off your renovation. At the same time, old roof tiles and slates in good condition will also help your new additions to blend in with the old and vintage.


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