How to Become a Professional Surfer and Make Money ?

    Professional surfing is a generally new thing. You can only discuss pro surfing professions when the ASP World Tour started sometime in the mid-1980s.

    Many people uninvolved in surfing see pro surfing as hangouts for surfers where they wait until their chance to paddle out and begin surfing. Most professional surfers travel monthly to intriguing destinations. They also show up in surf magazines and celebrate mean proficient surfing.

    Read on to discover what it takes to become a pro surfer as well as get paid to do this.

    Becoming a Pro Surfer: Tips to Know

    The best way to be a pro is to keep working on your craft and keep participating in competitions. If you are just starting, get a part-time job. Surfing and different responsibilities might take up a huge piece of your time. When you have a part-time job, you will find it easier to grow your pool and also permits you to bring in additional cash. You will also be able to have a life outside the surfing sport.  

    Surfing can be very fun and thrilling, the kind you can’t find elsewhere. However, surfing can be an exhaustive and expensive sport, because you also need to get the right training and gear. You can opt for the fairly used surfing gears for a start. The key here is to sharpen your surfing skills through constant practicing.

    Making Money as Professional Surfer

    There are different ways a pro Surfer can make money. These are discussed below.

    • Sponsorships

    You can make money as a pro surfer from sponsorships. They offer you boards, clothing, as well as money. In return, you rock the supporter’s logo, unveil appearances in the interest of the sponsor and become the essence/face of the supporter in the surfing scene.  

    According to Stab, an Australian surfing magazine, Joel Parkinson, ace surfer, signed a five-year contract of $1.5 million with Billabong (in 2008). Also, champion Kelly Slater had a five-year agreement of two million USD with Quicksilver. Some of these sponsorships are dependent on the surfer keeping a specific ranking on the world title standings.

    • Winnings 

    Competition rewards make up a small piece of the income of a pro surfer. For instance, the Quicksilver Pro occasion in Australia during the Spring of 2011 paid absolute prize cash close to $430,000. This was split between the first-and runner-up champs of the quarterfinals, semi-finals, as well as finals. By and large, the champion, Kelly Slater, went home with $117,000 from the competition, that’s one of the eleven races on the 2011 World Tour.


    Becoming a pro surfer isn’t an easy task. But if you can be out in the work and time, and you truly got a passion for it, it’s very achievable. Winnings and Sponsorships remain two key ways to make money as a professional surfer. You can earn hundreds of dollars (USD) from them annually. A good deal can even fetch you a million USD per year. Finally, st barts surfing can be resourceful too. 


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