How Marketing Thought Leader Johnny Serian Is Helping Businesses Scale and Thrive

    It’s hard to scale a business because most companies don’t know how to go about their marketing. Companies understand the power of having an online presence, but they’re engrossed in the business processes and have no time to invest in building their online reputation. 

    Yet neglecting an online presence when 65.6% of the world is online is potentially threatening to any firm. Furthermore, 71% of small to mid-size businesses are investing in social media strategies. Therefore, it is dangerous for any business to think that it can thrive without social media. 

    We talked to thought leader Johnny Serian to see how he has helped businesses scale and thrive. 

    About Johnny Serian 

    Johnny Serian is the Founder and owner of one of New Jersey’s fastest-growing Marketing Agencies known as Digital Diver 360. He started this company in 2017 after completing college. In just one year in operation, the company helped over two dozen businesses and later on was named the #1 content creation team in the Tri-State area by Disrupt Magazine.

    Before starting his own company, Serian worked with other marketing agencies. He realized a gap in the industry as most businesses had no social following, no website traffic, and no posting. When he left the corporate world, he helped restaurants in need of a social media presence. He realized that every single restaurant struggled with building an online presence. Serian realized that it was not only restaurants but also small and some large size businesses. 

    Serian realized there was a gap in the market as companies wanted a marketer who would address their marketing challenges and help them scale up. But many companies don’t have time for social media and would gladly pay someone who not only provides a tailored service but also has a higher than average return rate. 

    Helping Businesses Scale & Thrive 

    Serian is in the business of helping companies scale and thrive. He has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry like Ray Catena, Lithia, Prestige, and Paul Miller. He has also generated over $11,565,000 in ad revenue, plus so much more. 

    Serian has helped businesses to thrive through social media marketing. He creates a formula that helps companies reach the next level. Serian also has a team of marketing wizards from across the globe who work to scale a business. 

    Today, with dozens of clients, some small, some large, Serian and his team create marketing funnels that make it an experience for their target audience, making the buying process genuine and non-invasive. He points out that most businesses give up after a couple of months when they realize that their marketing is not working. However, he tells his clients that they should love the process and never quit. Serian states that one’s expectations should never exceed their efforts. If you want something badly, you should go for it no matter the cost. 

    Serian’s reputation as a marketing guru has soared over the years. This is because he creates a form-fitting plan of action to market each of his clients. So far, he has worked with celebrities, athletes, influencers, and businesses ranging in size from small to large. Serian always delivers on quality which has helped him expand his business from six figures to seven. 

    Serian’s motivation is to create something bigger than himself. He gives clients an in-depth, personal approach that guarantees them unprecedented growth. However, Serian is out to create more than a company. This entrepreneur’s greatest desire is to give back to the community, families, and businesses looking to hit new levels. 

    You can learn more about Serian and the services he provides on his website. Also, you can connect with him on Instagram.


    • Tony "Disrupt" Delgado

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      Tony Delgado ( @disruptceo ) is a Puerto Rican-American software developer, businessman, activist, philanthropist, tech entrepreneur, and founder of Disrupt Magazine.

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