Top 11 Benefits of Using a Good Online Research Community Platform

    How beneficial an asset or something will be beneficial to you depends on how thoughtfully you position yourself or your company to enjoy those benefits. And market research may not be different. There are many benefits associated with conducting research on the internet, particularly if you choose a great online research community platform.

    Generally, an online community platform is simply a technological platform that allows you, a business owner or an individual, to engage in quantitative and qualitative research using a single platform, all while ensuring stronger relationships that your colleagues or customers have with your brand. Indeed, you can successfully leverage the features of a great online research platform to put your clients at the center of your organization’s decision-making.

    With well-thought-out online research software, you can offer and exchange information with the right members and ensure brand loyalty. Unlike many social media platforms and other free options, you can successfully make your online research private from the wrong parties. This will allow you to explore more complex topics, create more innovative ideas, test products more effectively, and more.

    Benefits of an online research community platform

    Here are the benefits of using a good online research platform.

    1. You can get customer feedback on any product or service before it’s launched, particularly if you are using the online research platform to test your products and organization’s systems. It’s important to get relevant feedback from the right study participants.

    2. The cost of research or surveys is much lower than traditional market surveys. Of course, you want cost-effective ways to carry out research, and a good online research community software is a great option.

    3. Online research communities allow for real-time interaction between researchers and participants. This is essential for the effective flow of information and innovative ideas. The platform also makes it easy for the researchers and participants to share files.

    4. Researchers don’t need to be experts at social media and other similar platforms – they just need to know how to use tools for the specific platform they are using for their research purposes. The research platform is usually customized to meet the researchers’ unique needs.

    5. Marketers who want to find out what their consumers think about them will benefit from this type of research platform. Such platforms allow market researchers to connect with their customers to acquire honest feedback rather than random statements.

    6. It’s easy to set up and maintain. Most online research community software are easy to sign up for and coordinate research participants, organize information, maintain research files, and more. Indeed, an online community platform for research is easy to set up.

    7. Easy integration – Most online research platforms offer APIs that enable third parties to integrate directly into the system. However, before you start planning how you will use this strategy to promote your business, carry out research, and more.

    8. No minimum participation requirements. Unlike paid panel services, which typically charge per respondent, an excellent online research software let you recruit respondents without worrying about whether enough qualified people respond.

    9. Online research communities offer easier access to research files and data. If you’re interested in tracking user sentiment over time, then such platforms are ideal because posts are archived and available indefinitely.

    10. These community research platforms are associated with lower costs. In contrast to paid survey panels, these community platforms do not require upfront fees. Instead, you pay only for each completed interview or according to the specific package you have paid for.

    11. Enjoy a better return on your research investments. An excellent research platform will generate qualified leads that convert into sales faster than most advertising methods, particularly if you are using the platform for marketing purposes.

    Choosing a good online research community platform

    In addition to these benefits, there are also many questions to ask when looking for one of the best online research community platforms. These include;

    How much time do you want to spend managing and monitoring the forums?

    •         What kind of support would be needed if any issues arise? Does the service provider offer such support?
    •         Will the product or service being researched change at all during the course of the project?
    •         Is there anything special about your industry?
    •         Are there any specific competitors who might influence your results?
    •         Do you need to keep track of what was said across different threads?
    •         Can the forum technology handle large volumes of responses?
    •         Does the market segmentation tool allow work for you?
    •         Have you identified the appropriate metrics to measure success?
    •         Would you rather focus on getting feedback from existing customers or prospects?
    •         How easy is it going to be to get started?

    Given the benefits of using the right online research community, platforms are associated with many benefits and could give you a better chance of carrying out your research activities much easier and in an affordable way. Be sure to choose the right platform. 

    Photo by John Schnobrich

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