How Is My Shipment Weight Measured in LCL Logistics?

    Shipping goods internationally can be both time and cost-intensive, which is why it’s essential to clear up any confusion between the different types of shipping services. LCL logistics completely reorganizes how we look at international shipment by breaking down shipments into smaller units.

    Units = LCL rates

    Think about a pallet loaded with 20 boxes of soap powder. If you were looking to send this internationally in an LCL shipping container, each box would need its packing list; they wouldn’t all go into one big shipping crate like we tend to think when transporting cargo in bigger units like FCL ( Full Container Load ).

    Once they’re packed and weighed individually, the total weight and volume will be divided over however many units make up this shipment.

    It is where LCL rates are calculated to provide you with the most cost-effective option for your international shipment. You’ll be charged depending on how much space each unit occupies in the container, even if it’s empty. For example, if you have a 10ft shipping container holding 14 units, one unit will take up 14/10 = 1.4 of cargo space in this particular crate.

    That means when calculating LCL rates, the price will be based on this unit occupying 1.4 of cargo space instead of just one cubic metre like full-size FCL shipments are priced at.

    Smaller units can be shipped across multiple trucks

    Many people assume that since these pallets are broken up into smaller units, they’re not being shipped as far or as quickly. Sometimes this is the case depending on location, but they’re just as quick and far-reaching in most cases.

    Since there are multiple pick-ups and drop-off locations for LCL shipments, these smaller units can be shipped across multiple trucks to send them further with ease, while full-size FCL transport usually only makes one stop along its journey.

    Environmental responsibility

    This new approach completely restructured how companies looked at international shipping. It emphasized environmental responsibility by cutting down on fuel consumption and making it easier to find cost-effective rates without sacrificing delivery time.

    If you’re looking to ship items internationally, either domestically or abroad, make sure you know what type of service you’re using. Total Container load shipping, for example, is often seen as a more cost-effective shipping service than LCL logistics.

    Determining your shipment weight beforehand can save you money

    Determining the weight of a shipment is an essential part of logistics, regardless of whether it’s LCL or FCL. When sending out an international shipment, such as LCL freight shipping, determining your shipment weight beforehand can save you money.

    Each package sent in a tight container must weigh less than 20 kg/44 lbs. If any packages do not meet that requirement, they will be charged separately and incur additional fees.

    How to determine the weight of each package?

    Packages must be weighed on a scale at least once every month and no more than every two weeks to ensure accuracy. The scales should also have been certified within the past year. However, this information may be on the scale itself (don’t rely on this, as scales can be tampered with).

    To get the total volume, you would multiply the package’s length, width, and height. You then take that number and divide it by 6,000 to get the weight in kilograms. For example:

    Length: 50 inches (1.27m) * Width: 30 inches (0.76m) * Height: 20 inches (0.51m) = 1,150 cubic inches. 1,150 divided by 6,000 = 0.17 kg or .37 lbs

    Find out how many pieces your shipment weights add up all of the individual package weights for a complete LCL shipping quote.

    In conclusion

    Don’t forget, that’s just one way to look at shipping services. Several other factors come into play when determining the best shipping service – the location of your goods, how fast you need them to arrive and who will be shipping them all affect which type of service you should use.

    In most cases, LCL logistics is an excellent choice as it won’t slow down your shipment times and will reduce costs.

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