How Do You Combine Different Shades of Wood – 7 Pro Tips

    Mixing different shades of wood has been a constant confusion while decorating the house. Well, wood shades in furniture, floor, wall decor, ceiling etc look phenomenal. But, how to pair them to create a perfect balance. Well, the answer is here, blace can be achieved by some smart execution.

    So, keep reading to know how do you combine different shades of wood – 7 pro tips

    Can you mix Cool and Warm Wood Tones?

    A constant question that may bother you is if you can mix cool and warm wood tones. The answer is yes. The only trick is to do it effortlessly. To do so, pick one warna destroy wood  color and pair it with cream and light brown wood color.

    Wood benign natural laments have grains on them, which when paired with wood of another shade make the room congested. So good with wood shades which are clean. For example, a warm wooden ceiling with lcool wood cabinets.

    Mix and Match Wood Furniture in the Bedroom

    Wood tones look exceptional in the bedroom as it introduces warmth and comfort. But, while adding various wood furniture, keep in mind the colors. You can create an accent wall with texture grained wood and decorate it with lights and console. To give it a perfect setup on the opposite wall hanging something classic like iconic native American paintings. It will complement the wooden wall.

    In addition you can add a wooden console, TV unit, cabinets and pair it with the coolest undertone of wood in the flooring. Add contrasting beams on the ceiling having a strong walnut color.

    Mix Modern Black With Wood

    In modern or contemporary interior design you can add wooden accents to provide the perfect balance. Visualize a large black or dark wall with a mantelpiece having wooden finishing. Add wooden tables, furniture, and side tables to complete the look. You can add Celtic pieces like metallic lights etc to create a truly modern setup. Accents having wooden shade will complement black a lot and create a harmonious balance.

    Add Texture With Two Raw Woods

    Raw woods with natural color, grains and shape looks very interesting in modern setups. Imagine a wooden divider, an accent wall, a piece of furniture which is rustic. It adds a later texture, depth and adds personality to your space.


    Polished and gleaming woods have their own benefits, nut textured wood wood when executed smartly looks unique. So, create an accent look with textured wood to bring lots of dreams. Hang mirrors, wall arts, metallic lights and keep other things simple.

    Create Contrast With White and Wooden Shades

    This beautiful contrast especially suits the kitchen and living room a lot. Imagine a wall palate that is white, off white, cream, ivory or light beige. To it add wooden ceiling in its most rustic forms having grains and deformities. You can add wooden cabinets, wooden frames, wooden stools. Add white hanging lights to create a room full of light and happy vibes.


    Pick a Dominant Wood Tone

    To play safe and stila HD beauty through various wooden shades, you can pick a dominant wooden shade. You can opt for a warm tone and add it to the largest pierce, it can be  a piece of furniture, seating, table etc. Now, pair it coller wooden tones in floor, carpets, walls etc. adding angle dominant wooden shade to larger things will bring every shade out perfectly.


    Last but not the Least (Experiment a Bit)

    Introducing various wooden shades in home is of course very daring, but little experiments can go long. Each home decor is unique and a reflection of your unique personality. So, experiment a bit and see whats goes with what. Have a happy decorating!

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