How do I know that I have let it all go: A Poem

    How do I know that I have let it all go. I smile, I laugh ,I  love and I grow. 

     But when I think of my parents I lose all control.  I believe that I got this , but what I got is a hole.

     It was never quite healthy. I have to admit both of them substance abusive self inflicted addicts. 

    I laughed and I smiled i love and I grow. But that was my defense mechanism that got me through all the lows.

     I felt I found peace when they both left to rest. But the hole is much deeper than I could address. 

    I cry, i hurt I weep and can’t sleep. It’s to hard to hide from what you can’t see. 

    I don’t have to tell them they knew how I felt. Through the innocent eyes of a child they felt guilt.

     How do I know that I let it all go? Everyday is a new day that’s all that I know.


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