The Antidote to Massive Success, True Happiness and Unimaginable Freedom with Joshua Kalinowski

    We’ve all heard the expression, “there is no pill for that,” and realize there isn’t a substitute for the work and trials of growing ourselves. Well, there is one pill to unlock your true potential. And Josh Kalinowski has it.

    Josh teaches people to live a life of extraordinary impact, influence and faith.

    Choosing to think differently about a situation can make all the difference between failing, or coming out ahead.

    In this era of subjective journalism, hype-driven politics, and pandemics, leaders are faced with running their businesses in new ways or experiencing a slow, painful death in the face of this-is-how-we’ve-always-done-it management. Everyone has been affected by the state of the world at this point. Throughout history whenever something like this happens, some businesses, organizations, and leaders come out ahead, way ahead.

    Josh believes we need to think about how we can come out ahead. What are things we can do to ensure our own success? Either you lead others, or you’re working to better lead yourself.

    Who’s Josh Kalinowski?

    There are people in the world we can always gain something from, and these are the people we need to surround ourselves with if we want to become our best. Josh Kalinowski, CEO, and co-founder of multiple companies ranging from health and fitness to real estate is one of these individuals. Coldwell Banker The Legacy Group, Kalinowski Enterprises LLC, Legacy Property Management, The Warehouse Health & Fitness Center, The JK Experience, Kingsmen RISE, and True North Media are where Josh spends much of his energy. There is some energy left, in fact, a lot left, just for you.

    One of Josh’s companies, Kingsmen RISE, is a private brotherhood of businessmen and entrepreneurs who challenge each other to abandon the normality life often lures us into living. Josh’s mission is to inspire people to take ownership of themselves, their families, and those they lead so they can unleash their inner greatness.

    Josh impacts the lives of many by helping them build core values, create exceptional experiences, and expect more of themselves and others. He believes, and has proven in his own life, failures and tests are pathways to success.

    Impact, Influence, and Faith

    Aiming to live with impact, influence and faith helps a business leader achieve success and in turn help those they work with. A positive leader’s influence allows teams to work together more effectively. But it takes effort and time to gain influence. You must learn to examine yourself and be self-aware. Cultivating reliability helps execute goals, and builds a cohesive trust within an organization.

    Josh lives a life of exceptional influence, impact, and faith, which has helped him achieve what we all want: greatness, success, and unimaginable freedom.

    Embracing Failure and Tests

    Josh believes when a situation doesn’t turn out like we want or need it to, we are tested. We all know the feeling. Our gut wrenches, we think about how we’re going to explain ourselves to our boss, our employees, or our spouse. Josh believes within these experiences is our opportunity to grow. “If you never fail, you are probably never going to win,” Josh says. Josh coaches his clients to learn how to not only identify these opportunities but how to capitalize on them.

    Recognizing growth opportunities doesn’t mean taking more risks. It means looking at things differently. It means including new people in the conversations you don’t want to share. It means a new level of self-accountability. Josh teaches people to use failure and not let it become their focus.

    Want to be your best self? Contact Josh and learn more about how he empties the tank every day, in every way. Message Josh at [email protected] or DM him on Instagram, Linkedin or Facebook.


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