Hollywood Star Smile

    Hollywood smiles are named after the stars in Hollywood who started the trend many years ago. Hollywood stars resorted to Hollywood smile to get whiter and better-shaped smiles. 

    The History of Hollywood Star Smile 

    Hollywood star smile began a very long time ago, actors used to wear veneers on-screen which gave them whiter and better-aligned teeth on screen. The first dentist who used veneers for Hollywood stars was Dr. Charles Pincus in 1928. 

    Among Hollywood stars who started the trend of Hollywood smiles were James Dean, Walt Disney, and Shirley Temple among many others. 

    At this time dentists did not have any means or technology to make the veneers more permanent. Hollywood stars used to wear their fake smile for a day at a time. 

    In the 1960s another dentist found a solution to this problem by using a mild acid to make the teeth surface rough and be more convenient for veneers to set on. This Doctor was Micheal Bunocore and he named this process etching. 

    Hollywood smile that was initially inspired by Hollywood stars witnessed another improvement in 1982 by two dentists Dr. J.R Calamia and R.J Simonsen as they used hydrofluoric acid and applied adhesive to porcelain veneers. 

    Fortunately, nowadays, Hollywood smile is a treatment that not only Hollywood stars can enjoy but also the public. The treatment is now available all over the world in local and international dental clinics which apply the newest and latest technologies in creating the best and perfect smiles for clients from all over the world. 

    International dental clinics like Dentakay, a dental clinic in Turkey, for example, is the destination for many patients from different countries around the world who apply the latest technologies in the field of dentistry especially Hollywood smile, for affordable prices. 

    How is Hollywood Smile Done? 

    In many cases, a Hollywood smile is a total smile makeover that may combine different dental treatments at the same time. 

    It is essential for patients who are considering this treatment to think about and discuss other options they may have, the reason behind having this treatment is one of the factors that affect its success. 

    And sometimes patients who are considering this treatment may only need a teeth whitening treatment or a visit to the orthodontist. 

    Hollywood smile inspired by Hollywood stars includes adding dental prosthetics such as dental crowns, veneers, caps, and in some cases implants to a patient’s teeth. It depends on the patient’s preference and case if the veneers or caps should be placed on all teeth or only the visible ones when smiling. 

    The cost of this treatment varies from clinic to clinic and from country to country. For example in countries like Turkey, International clinics like Dentakay became one of the important dental treatment destinations over the last couple of years, the cost of Hollywood smile treatments is affordable for everyone. 

    Dentists predict that this type of dental treatment will be soon affordable to all patients. Hollywood star smile started with the stars but very soon will be accessible to all. 

    Main Photo by Shiny Diamond.


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