HITHA: The Teen Pop Queen of 2019

    Her name is as unique and special as her signing style and her recent releases have gathered hundreds of thousands views. When she isn’t busy studying for AP chemistry, this incredibly talented 14 year-old is mixing catchy pop beats and traditional Indian annunciations. And in an industry dominated by marquee names, major labels, and obsessions with self-image, Hitha’s youthful fearlessness shatters stereotypes and empowers young women and men alike.

    Hitha’s formula for success is simple: Convert lifetime hardships and negative experiences into positivity by spreading messages that inspire others. “I feel that music is the best platform to reach my peers directly and explain intricate feelings and emotions that otherwise may be looked over,” she says. Her words light up like a lighthouse for teens looking for a beacon in the dark and turbulent tides of young adulthood. Yet somehow, her words speak to audiences from all backgrounds, transcending age brackets by touching on universal themes of self-love and compassion.

    Pop songs tend to itch our insecurities by reminding us of our own mistakes and weakness, especially when it comes to love and relationships. In stark contrast, Hitha’s most recent single, “Independent”– which peaked at 38 on the Top 100 CHR/Pop Chart – is a narrative promoting self-reliance as means for achieving any goals. Similarly, her debut single “Standing Up with Pride” also spreads a message of fearlessness and audacity in the face of hardship and seemingly insurmountable odds.  

    With her devoted father – who also happens to be her business manager – by her side, and unwavering support from her family and fans, Hitha hopes to breakthrough by collaborating with different artists and integrating world music with pop. Currently, a music video is in the works for “Independent” – which she hopes will reflect her artistry in a simple but heartfelt style. And with four more songs ready to be released this year, momentum is soaring – making Hitha the artist to look out for in 2019-2020.


    • Rachel Dares is a former newscaster turned Columnist, Celebrity Publicist, and Radio Personality on 99.1 KLBP.www.RachelDaresPR.com

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