Hi Tech Operations are Helping Cannabis Producers Stay Compliant

    For the frontline workers in the cannabis industry, the work of planting, cultivating, and harvesting cannabis plants comes with challenges and rewards. 

    While cannabis producers are participating in an exciting industry that provides medical relief to hundreds of thousands of patients and recreational pleasure to millions more, they also have to juggle a variety of different concerns, from predicting the needs of the market to making sure that the product they are growing meets the highest possible standards of quality. 

    The Unique Challenges of Cannabis Production 

    But cannabis producers also face challenges that few other industries need to deal with. They need to play an active role in ensuring that their products will not end up in the wrong hands. 

    Cannabis legalization in countries like Canada has been accompanied by strict new guidelines for how cannabis plants are to be cultivated and sold, and cannabis operations need to keep extensive records on each plant they grow, from seed to sale. 

    This represents a major logistical challenge. Cannabis producers oversee the cultivation of huge quantities of product, and tracking each individual plant is such a daunting process in terms of time and labour required that in some places it is a threat to the economic feasibility of cannabis cultivation. 

    Fortunately, tech entrepreneurs have stepped into the breach to provide modern tech solutions.  

    Software Solutions and the Future of Cannabis Production

    In order to process the huge amounts of data generated by cannabis operations, software platforms have been designed to expedite information gathering and make it easy for producers to keep data on each plant from seed to harvest. Using these platforms, they can quickly and easily generate reports and stay compliant with government regulations.  

    Naturally, this has posed a challenge in terms of education. Seed-to-sale platforms can make cannabis production more streamlined and accountable, but they require a much more significant time investment. A software provider who can provide solutions tailored to particular jurisdictions needs to be found, and producers need to be taught to use the software effectively. 

    Some seed-to-sale platforms have recognized the work involved in making cannabis operations more hi-tech, and are offering learning modules to help onboard staff. If you think a seed-to-sale platform might be right for you, but you don’t have time to oversee training yourself, you can let Ample Organics help your cannabis production operation by making sure your workers understand the software and are ready to start using it. 

    Seed-to-sale platforms are the future of the cannabis industry, and producers that want to ensure their long-term viability will want to ensure they are using their software to the best effect. 

    When financial analysts crunched the numbers earlier this year to find out how much Canada’s cannabis industry is worth, they found that a shortfall in production was one of the major factors behind the more-than-modest expected sales. 

    Clearly, getting into the cannabis industry as a producer remains an exciting challenge with the possibility for real growth. And with software and training from some of the leading seed-to-sale platform providers, getting into the cannabis industry is easier than ever.


    • Tom La Vecchia

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