Here’s What You Need to Know About the Future of Car Sharing

    Large urban cities are only getting larger. As such, the need for transport is also increasing, placing the use of vehicles on a constant growing spiral. However, not everyone finds it practical or efficient to own a car in a large city. This is where car sharing has become a great way to overcome a bunch of issues, from budgeting and convenience to environmental impact.

    When we consider the possibilities that the future could bring, one thing’s for sure: the population of the planet will grow, with a considerable concentration in the mentioned large cities of the world.  Actually, according to the United Nations, the urban areas will have to make room for about 2.5 billion more people by 2050. Consequently, it’s expected that around 400 million people utilize the possibilities of car sharing by 2030. Not only is this concept sustainable, but with the predicted growth of population, it’s more than likely to become a true necessity.

    So, What Exactly Is Car Sharing?

    Most people these days are familiar with the traditional concept of car sharing. Namely, one person owns a car and uses that car to get themselves and their family members, friends, and/or neighbors from one place to another.

    However, the concept is expanding to meet modern user demands. While one may need a car, one may not necessarily want or have the means to own the car or find someone to carpool with. This is where car sharing as a type of car rental service comes into play. Essentially, these services typically operate by establishing rental points across the city where people can come, rent a car for a couple of hours (or however long they need it for), pay the fee for that specific time period and distance traveled, and then return it when they’re done.

    The Benefits of Car Sharing

    One of the main reasons why people are starting to turn towards car sharing is the matter of finances. Essentially, people who don’t need to drive more than 15,000 kilometers annually can definitely enjoy the affordable side of car sharing. Of course, owning a vehicle may still remain more profitable when driving longer distances. 

    In a similar vein, drivers who have no regular need for driving can benefit a lot from car sharing. After all, why pay for a car and have it sit in the parking lot/garage for months, collecting dust, losing value, and deteriorating, if you only plan to use it for trips and vacations? If you’re still unsure what’s better for you, you can always compare car sharing vs ownership directly at car share Sydney services, for instance.

    Obviously, a clear pro when it comes to car sharing is less traffic on the roads. There were several studies that have confirmed this in large cities such as Sydney and Melbourne, making the peak rush hour considerably less rushed with the increase of car sharing. Phillip Boyle & Associates published a report called The Impact of Car Share Services in Australia that claims that just one car sharing vehicle can successfully replace as many as 10 cars! Not only does this lead to reduced road congestion, but also noise and environmental pollution. And finding the parking spot becomes much easier as well.

    When it comes to additional personal benefits, remember that car sharing means no insurance costs, getting fuel, dealing with maintenance and repairs, annual testing, and more. It’s definitely a considerably less stressful approach to transportation. Moreover, it adds extra health benefits as car sharing allows you to walk or cycle more than you probably would if you owned a car.

    What You Have to Consider Before Car Sharing

    Plenty of car sharing services nowadays provide the instant booking option, but you’ll still need to do some planning ahead. That said, make sure that you check available pick-up points so that you can actually reach them quickly and comfortably. In that respect, you should add in the extra time you’d need to get to the pick-up point when you organize your schedule for the day.

    Also, keep in mind that car sharing vehicles are not your property. Obviously, you have to keep them clean and avoid personal attachment. So, no decorative bits and bobs in the car, fresheners, etc.

    Furthermore, if you live in a smaller town or rural area, it might be challenging, if not outright impossible, to implement and use car sharing.

    Car sharing is undoubtedly a great solution for many people as it offers convenience, affordability, and sustainability. But it’s also true that it won’t suit everyone. This is why it’s so important to address your driving habits and needs before finally saying goodbye to owning a car.


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