Grace O’Connell Bridging the Gap Between Generations

    Grace O’Connell making a difference through fashion and self-expression as she tears down the generational wall for women

    On October 17th, 2017, lifestyle expert Catherine Grace O’Connell gathered 200 Influencers to “Bridge the Gap” with one another. 100 Midlife Influencers and 100 Millennial Influencers digitally united as one to send a powerful message, while blurring boundaries amongst the demographics.

    We have done an amazing job in our culture by letting go of many of the labels that separate and divide us. 200 blog posts went live today, connecting women across multiple demographics with a mission to let go of perceptions around aging. It is brands and advertising that attempts to define women by their age, and Catherine is charging ahead with an army of women behind her to prove to them the error of their ways. This is a wake-up call to those brands that insist on separating women into unrelated groups with an isolated marketing strategy. Inside of every Millennial is a woman that will enter midlife, and every Midlifer remembers the younger woman that was. The women have paired off, bonded through their stories, and shared a blog post on their partner.

    “As a culture, learning to let go of labels that separate and divide us is essential to continue moving forward,” says Catherine Grace O’Connell. “Some of my best friends are Millennials. I no longer have time for those who wish to separate women by their demographic and impose a set of stereotypes on aging. We are going to Bridge the Gap. Why? Because we’re stronger together.”

    The campaign encourages “Reciprocal Mentorship” as the Millennials have come into this world in a very different time and space. Millennials youthful energy and unique insights, while Midlifers can share collective wisdom and experience gained through life lessons with both triumphs and adversity. Both groups have much to learn and much to offer. They intend to send a powerful message to brands and advertisers that marketing to multiple demographics is a far more comprehensive, dynamic, and successful strategy that only helps both the brands and their customers.

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