Three Poems About Love and Heartbreak

    Lost As Alice shares her latest poetry contributions of love and heartache

    ~The Mystery Of Love~ 

    She has felt love and she has seen it too her blue eyes are as big as her caring heart and each have seen and felt how love can tear someone’s heart apart but this is not the end of the story there is more to tell love can just as easily repair the wounds that love once tore in two love is a mystery that she is willing to solve her broken heart is her first clue that will eventually fade and will lead her to you and she will finally be able to say one last time “i love you…” ~Nicole Marie

    ~Peaceful Eyes~

    Her eyes reminded you of the blue summer sky as you looked deep within those eyes you felt peace for the first time…..
    ~Nicole Marie 

    ~Beautiful Disaster~

    As she sits in the crowed she tries to hold back the tears that just won’t fade away her blue eyes have turned to gray and her heart continues to ache she tries so hard to be the best that she can be but sometimes even she makes mistakes eventually she can feel her throat close as she tries to not break in the middle of this crowded place her damaged past filled with abuse and tears and blood that was shed and how she was used her past effected her beautiful soul it’s a shame that she had to suffer alone she fights those negative thoughts and replaces them with a beautiful memory and finally her eyes turn back to blue the tears have faded away all that’s left is a smile on her once sad face….. ~Nicole Marie
    Nicole is a poetry contributor for New Theory.  Want to contribute, send your work to our publisher [email protected]


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