Good and Tasty Bakes Review

    I was sent samples of Good and Tasty Cakes for review as I was excited to try them out.  Good & Tasty Bakes, produces high quality and freshest desserts. Their desserts feature all-natural ingredients including locally-produced butter and pure 100% rBGH-free cream cheese from dairies and farms throughout the western United States.  They are small and compact as they do not take up a lot space in the refrigerator.

    Although I rarely enjoy a healthy dessert, the cakes that were sent were excellent in terms of flavor without the guilt.  I personally tried the Gluten Free Mini Chocolate and Key Lime Pie.  They both were perfect with an espresso after a hearty meal.

    In summary, Good & Tasty Bakes offers a delectable assortment of cheesecakes that will have everyone at your party feeling happy to be there! The brand’s grain-free offerings are made with no added sugar and feature locally-produced butter and pure 100% rBGH-free cream cheese. There’s zero high fructose corn syrup, partially hydrogenated oils, artificial flavors, or refined sugar or flour in these cheesecakes.  It’s a great option just in time for the holidays.

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