Glo’s Meditation Online Class Has the Best Teachers

    Glo provides more than 500 meditation classes online, allowing you to take your mindfulness training anywhere. The classes are available to download on each device through the app so you can practice every day, wherever you are.

    Meditation helps you focus your awareness and to train your mind with guided visualization, mindfulness, breathwork, and mantra chanting. Regular meditation practice can help reduce stress and create a calming sensation.

    Glo has a number of different courses even if you are brand new to meditating and afraid you won’t be able to sit still. Seasoned meditators will also find more advanced guidance. They have classes that will help you tailor your meditation online to your unique goals and needs.

    A few of Glo’s most recent meditation online courses are:

    Simple Self-Forgiveness

    Felicia Tomasko leads this level 1 course on forgiveness because she recognizes that the modern world has made us turn our critical eye inwards. The self-forgiveness practice helps you give yourself compassion, helping you see who you are with a gentle vision.

    Felicia Tomasko believes compassion and kindness should be daily practices. She teaches you to fully inhabit the body you have now, while cultivating healthy relationships with the spiritual, physical, and mental parts of oneself. She has been studying yoga and Ayurveda for the past thirty years. Her background in biochemistry and neuropsychology helps her encounter both the ancient and esoteric lessons of yoga and Ayurveda and apply them to the modern world.

    Miracle Meditation with Elena Brower

    Elena bower helps you tap into the possible miracles available in your life with a powerful meditation that focuses on shifting your energy. By opening your inner space, you will be able to nourish your interior place that determines the way you perceive the world. As you gain perspective of the miracles all around you, you will nourish your inner self.

    Elena Brower is a mother, a teacher, and an author. She has been practicing meditation and yoga for the past twenty years. She offers classes on Glo’s meditation platform. She wrote the Art of Attention, which was translated into six languages. Her second book became a bestseller and is used as a teaching manual. She recently launched a podcast called Practice You Podcast. She is also a contributor to publications like MindBodyGreen, Yoga International, Huffington Post, Yoga Journal, and Positively Positive.

    Guide Yourself to Sleep Preview

    Meditation online can also help you prepare for a deep sleep while releasing the tension from the day. As you lie down, you will ease yourself into a state between wakefulness and sleep. Tias Little teaches this meditation and he is focused on synthesizing meditation, classical yoga, Buddhist studies, and anatomy. After living in India while he studied Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga with Pattabhi Jois, he decided to become a teacher to help people get their bodies into alignment. His teaching of meditation began with studying Tibetan Buddhism and Zen practices. He is able to weave metaphor with clear instructions to keep you focused on releasing all the tension of your mind.

    Kick Your Day Off on the Right Foot

    When you begin your day with presence and awareness, you’ll be able to get the most out of your day. Tiffany Cruikshank teaches you how to integrate this practice daily to help you bring more presence to your life. Tiffany is the founder of Yoga Medicine, a community that combines western medicine with traditional yoga practices. The medical background helps her apply anatomy to her yoga practice to help you understand how to create the most wellness in your body. She has her own clinics around the world and now she teaches meditation online for Glo.


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