Look For These Things In Your Payroll Specialist

    5 Traits That Make a Good Employee

    When you’re interviewing candidates for the position of a payroll specialist to work in your company, you’re likely to face a lot of candidates from diverse backgrounds, having their expertise in different fields of work. These candidates will also have worked in different roles in their past.

    As a manager running a business, you know that you need an appropriate candidate willing to take up the tasks such as payroll, paychecks, preparation of statements, and ensuring that the finances of your business remain in accordance with the regulations posed by the government. If you have no experience of hiring a person for the payroll work, you’ll need to look at the things mentioned below. You’ll just have to make sure that the person you hire has most of these qualities, and you’ll surely end up with an expert of payroll services.

    Look For Their Certifications

    FPC and CPP are two main certifications given by the American Payroll Association. FPC is a certification for the entry level candidates. They have a basic knowledge of the payroll and know how to make accurate calculations. So, the people having an FPC certification are perfect for entry to mid level positions in your payroll department.

    On the other hand CPP is a high level certification and you can select the candidates having a CPP certification for management positions. This certification are the most looked after by the employers because CPP gives you an in depth view of the core principles of taxation and payroll requirements. CPP certified candidates can also be used to take up some other additional duties in the HR.

    Experience With A Payroll Software

    Although this might look like a simple thing, but payroll software can actually be a complex thing to handle and learn. A candidate having an extensive experience in a certain software might not know anything about the other software you’re planning to use that is because every single payroll software has slightly varying features from the other ones.

    This us the main reason why you should always prefer the candidates who already have an extensive experience of using the payroll software that you are already using in your company. This eliminated the need of them being trained properly before getting them to work. You can also hire the candidates who show a high aptitude towards learning the software that you use. You can use the young talent too and make them an asset of your company over time.

    Complete Understanding Of The Compliance Requirements

    There are a lot of government agencies tasked with keeping an eye on the business operations in the countries. Some of the worth mentioning agencies are ACA, FUTA, FICA, and FLSA. Additionally, there are other state based regulatory bodies that are keeping an eye on your payroll, benefits, taxes and other financial activities. Keeping up with all these regulatory requirements can be a daunting task. Also, the beer changing laws and regulations make the process even more complex and inconvenient.

    The best way to make sure that you remain compliant with the regulations and laws is using a Georgia Payroll Calculator to calculate the payrolls of your employees. You’ll also need to have a bright HR staff who would keep an eye on the changing laws and would see if those laws apply to your business or not.

    Attention To Detail

    Attention to details is one of the more important skills that you require from your payroll worker. For this, you can look up on the forms, CVs and resumes that they filled and see if everything is grammatically correct or not. Remember that small types are bearable.

    The ideal candidate would write the best response to your job listing, and would comply with all the instructions you’ve provided in the listing. This is one thing that you should never compromise on, as a careless payroll worker would make critical mistakes down the road, and this might earn you penalties by the IRS.

    Better Customer Service

    The clients of your payroll are your own employees, but your payroll team should still try to provide your own employees with the best customer service possible. If a company can’t provide good customer service to its employees, how would they provide an impeccable customer service to their actual external clients.

    So, always hire a payroll person that already knows how to handle an angry employee. You can also teach them some rules of the customer service after hiring them.


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