Get Your Groove Back at Miami’s NostalgiaCon

    Miami has always been one of the significant cultural hub spots in America. It’s also one of South Florida’s largest economic and financial hubs, making it an exciting locale. The resulting mishmash of various cultures and people is delightful to explore, especially at night! So if you’re up for some fun and relaxation in Miami this upcoming spring, the upcoming 2020 NostalgiaCon’s Ultimate 80s Reunion is the perfect excuse to make that trip. 

    If you grew up in the 1980s or 1990s, the Nostalgia Con is bound to take you down a trip through memory lane. Plan up with your old buddies and head over to Miami to delve back into the good old days!

    Get Ready to Time Travel Back to the 1980s!

    The upcoming NostalgiaCon’s Ultimate 80s Reunion celebrates one of the most culturally significant (and fun!) decades in America. Thanks to the overwhelmingly positive response to the first Nostalgia Con last year, the event has relaunched this year with the same awesome retro theme. 

    For any 1980s kid, this will be their ultimate dream come true—there will be pop-culture panels, celebrity panels where you can meet your favorite childhood TV and movie stars, fashion shows, video game arcades, and more. The concert lineup includes live performances from some previous acts—Dokken, ABC, Monie Love, TKA—and a few other new additions. 

    The event will host a mini car show as well as a cosplay competition, so dress up to your fancy if you feel adventurous enough. With all these events in one place, you will feel like you’re back in the decade when you’re attending the con. Best of all, there are plenty of things to do, both before and after NostalgiaCon.

    Party On After the Show

    Similar to Manhattan and Las Vegas, Miami offers you a diverse range of nighttime entertainment and activity options, which make up much of this historic city’s vibrant appeal. If you want to take a drive around the city, there are a lot of glitzy car rentals around town for you to pick a ride for a day or two. For art aficionados, the Clima Art Gallery showcases some mesmerizing pieces of art to lull your senses. Going for a fishing trip along the Miami Bay can also be an enjoyable trip if you love marine life. 

    While in Miami, You’ll Eat Good

    Not to be outdone by the A-list nightlife, Miami is also one of America’s epicenters of culinary delights. While there are many excellent places in Miami to have a delicious meal, it all boils down to your culinary preferences. 

    From commonplace food to rare cuisines, you’ll find everything in Miami if you look for it. Most of us are accustomed to Mexican, but if you want to take it a notch up, dine out at Miranda Cuisine & Bar to try out authentic Spanish and Latin cuisine. If you’re looking for a taste from the Caribbean, step into the Pollo Tropical to try some tropical cuisine. Last but not least, don’t forget to try out Miami’s popular subs.

    After the Fun is Done, Catch Some Zs Here

    After a long but fun day at the NostalgiaCon, you need a good hotel to sleep and re-energize. Naturally, you’ll want to stay in a hotel near the Miami Airport if you’re flying in from out of town. We have some handy recommendations for you in case you’re not familiar with the area. 

    First off is the Hyatt Place Miami Airport East, which provides 5-star luxury under budget. The hotel rooms are large and spacious and come with free Wi-Fi. The view from the top floors is gorgeous. The hotel also has a swimming pool and a fully furnished gym that you can use at leisure. The in-hotel restaurant provides a very healthy menu consisting of fresh fruits, vegetables, and other local ingredients.

    The second hotel that we must absolutely recommend is the Hampton Inn. Located right by the airport, the hotel is convenient for jet setting in and out. It has a chic, modern style and comes with some excellent amenities and services.

    Go back to a time when BAD meant GOOD 

    So, are you ready to blast off to the past? Pack your brightest neon outfits, grab your Madonna cassette tapes, and book your tickets today and head out to the NostalgiaCon’s Ultimate 80s Reunion. You and your friends will have a totally gnarly time! 


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