Get the Perfect Style for Your Home with Riverside Furniture

    You can get mid-priced furniture pieces without compromising quality. Riverside Furniture is your best bet if you want luxurious and affordable furniture products at home. Don’t be fooled by furniture companies claiming to be the best and using only the most durable materials. Riverside Furniture’s proven track record in the last 10 years is the primary reason why more and more homeowners choose this brand when buying home furnishings.

    Learn why Riverside should be your perfect home companion — in times of relaxation, work, and play.

    Riverside Furniture: A Name You Can Trust at Home

    Riverside Furniture can now add complementary pieces in your bedroom, living room, dining room, home office, and home theater. They have the perfect accents that can make your space unique, refined, and beautiful. And this passion comes from the company’s dynamic culture in the furniture-making industry.

    Since 1946, Riverside has been creating the most unprecedented ideas for furniture products in the business. The company had started with only one manufacturing plant. But due to the brand’s growing clientele and retail partners, they now have multiple manufacturing facilities all around the globe.

    The company’s 70-year expertise in the furniture business is proof of why their products have the most unique design elements, lovely finish, stunning veneers, and fresh looks. Clients will also have no trouble finding bedroom dining, living room, home office, and home theater pieces because Riverside works with over 3,500 furniture dealers worldwide.

    The company ensures that quality and design are taken into careful consideration of every furniture style. Each product is made with seven decades of experience in the field. All intricate details are also based on the state of the art industry engineering and changing industry trends.

    And the outcome is a style for every home decor you can imagine. Whether you’re looking for a contemporary, casual, rustic, cottage, transitional, or modern look, Riverside has got you covered. Check out Local Furniture Outlet for more Riverside Furniture collections.

    5 Primary Collections with Lovable Features

    Riverside boasts of five primary collections, each with its unique and lovely features and styles. They are Modern Contemporary, Urban Organic, Cottage, Updated Classics, and Refined Glam.

    Modern Contemporary

    The Modern Contemporary pieces take pride in sleek and modern styling in gray finish. It features beautiful and stunning lines with a no-frills design. The Zoey collection has a wire-brushed finish that showcases the innate beauty of the wood material.

    Another Modern Contemporary collection is the Promenade collection which combines modern and transitional looks. It is slathered in a charming warm cocoa color for a marriage of old and new trends. Plus, the features offer functions such as canted wall units that provide storage and oversized slats that embrace durability and comfort.

    Urban Organic

    The Urban Organic collection, on the other hand, is a mix of a metropolitan look and an earthy vibe. The Milton Park collection, for example, is infused with white glaze. It is made white oak finished with quartered veneers.

    The Maverick collection is also a rustic beauty with a refined styling for your modern home. It boasts of reclaimed Saal hardwood with captivating metal accents.


    The Cottage collection will remind you of a fresh breeze and porch swings in the mountains or beaches. It has a timeless elegance with a casual appeal that will be a feast for the eyes. Some collections in this category are McKenzie, Southport, and Aberdeen.

    Updated Classics

    Next comes the Updated Classics collection. This style has more of a traditional approach which is still inviting and casual. For instance, the Hawthorne collection is made of poplar solids and poplar veneer with an impressive Barnwood finish.

    Refined Glam

    Last but not least is the Refined Glam collection. This collection reminds you of the glitz and glamor of Hollywood, with a modern casual vibe and subtle contemporary styling. If you want contemporary pieces for your home, go for the Sophie, Monterey, and Lilly pieces


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