Get a Pink Casket to Show Your Love

    There are many colors in this world and each of them has its meaning. This interpretation came from feeling when you see those colors. Like is it relaxing, loving, or fresh? Those colors could represent people’s hearts.

    These days, caskets are not only designed as brown-colored boxes or made only from wood. It’s getting more varied now. That’s why the term casket is more familiar than a coffin for now because it’s the ‘fancier’ version of the coffin. This article will tell you more about the meaning of colors in caskets. Perhaps it will make you want to get a pink casket.

    • Meaning of colors
    • The connection between the casket and color
    1. Meaning of colors

    Color is such a beautiful aspect that complements things in this world. It makes things more magnificent to see. It also can differentiate the intention of an object. Just like what it stated before that colors have their own meanings, The feeling that comes out from most people is the one that decides the meaning of a color.

    When we see it from a color theory perspective, there are 3 primary colors in this world. Those are red, blue, and yellow. If the 3 colors are combined, whether it’s two or three colors, it will produce so many varieties like purple, pink, green, and so on. Here are some of the meanings of those colors :

    • Red: considered a warm color that reflects passion and importance
    • Orange: associated with creativity and change. The secondary color of warm colors.
    • Yellow: Bright color that often means energizing and hope. It’s also in the warm color group.
    • Green: Associated with stability, nature, and wealth.
    • Blue:  Grouped as a cool color. It means reliability, strength, and sadness.
    • Purple: One of the cool colors. It is mostly referred to as a royal color.
    • Pink: The bright version of red that is often associated with lovely and sweetness.
    1. The connection between the casket and color

    Casket types are getting more creative nowadays. There are caskets that are designed with pattern colors, vibrant colors, and various shapes. It’s not a strange thing anymore to get a casket other than the brown-colored ones. People tend to think that funerals must be depressing events. Well, it’s true, but if you’re out of your ‘world’. Many people have their way of doing funerals. It doesn’t have to be gloomy. It depends on their beliefs. For example, a pink casket brings a lovable vibe to the funeral.

    Get a pink casket, blue casket, or just the plain one, it’s all up to you. It’s your right to choose. Hoping that this article will broaden your view about funerals. How colors in caskets could define the meaning of the deceased or deceased family at the funeral. It might mean hope, sadness, or want to count it as an appreciation of their lives.

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