Galactic Eyes Palette by Hard Candy Review

    The Gatalic Eyes eyeshadow collection is so pretty; if you are looking for a fun eyeshadow palette that has fun glittery colors, then this is the perfect eyeshadow for you. It has ten different colors, supernova, retrograde, spaceship, nebula, eclipse, meteor, blue moon, alien, shooting star, and constellation. A variety of purple, blue, gold, black, green and gray. This has to be one the best drugstore palettes I ever tried. It can be used for a very dramatic eye look for a night out, or just a simple everyday look to add a bit of glitter and make your eye look stand out. It is a must have to your make up collection, especially if you are on a budget.

    Take your eyeshadow game out of this world with the Hard Candy Look Pro! Galactic Eyes Palette. These transformative, galaxy inspired eyeshadows to come in a rainbow of colors that can be used on their own or combined with your favorite Matte Hard Candy Eyeshadows.

    Directions: Pack the Galactic Eyeshadows all over your lid for an intense shimmery look, or lightly sweep them on top of any matte eyeshadow to transform your eyes into a starry masterpiece.

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