Lawyer Specializations & What They Mean

    Just like in many other industries, lawyers obtain specializations so they can perform their absolute best in a very concentrated area. Sometimes lawyers become specialized because they take on a lot of the same types of cases throughout their career, which allows them to become very familiar with the information. Other lawyers have to go back to school for their specialization because it includes things like tax law, that needs to be taught through formal education. If you’re looking for a lawyer with a certain specialization, you can find them here. On the lawyers of distinction website, you’ll find the top rated attorney’s in their given states. Below are some of the many specializations you may need when it comes to a lawyer.

    • Personal injury lawyer- if you’ve experienced any sort of injury (physical or mental) a personal injury lawyer can most likely help you. These are very common in things like car accidents, and other forms of accidents that were caused by another party.
    • Estate planning lawyer- these lawyers can help you plan out what’s going to happen to your estate and assets once you pass away. They will help you create a will and trusts. If you’re worried about your families’ financial needs in the future, you should seek an estate-planning lawyer.
    • Bankruptcy lawyer- these are the attorney’s that specialize in cases where the client is struggling financially. The lawyer will advise the client on their eligibility for filing bankruptcy and which type is best for their particular situation.
    • Intellectual property lawyer- if you create something that needs trademarking, patenting, or to be marked as a trade secret, you should seek an intellectual property lawyer as soon as possible. For the utmost protection, you want these sorts of things to be handled by highly experience professionals.
    • Employment lawyer- these lawyers can be hired by a company or an individual employee. They specialize in employment contracts and the employment relationship.
    • Corporate lawyer- these lawyers work for a specific corporation and are basically always on call when someone in an executive position needs legal advice. They’ll know a lot about your specific company as well as the industry you’re involved in.
    • Immigration lawyer- with immigration laws changing constantly, if you’re in risk of deportation, you might want to obtain an immigration lawyer. They can help you get a green card or achieve citizenship.
    • Criminal lawyer- because of the steep consequences that can come with a criminal trial, you want to get yourself one of the best lawyers out there for this situation. They’ll know a lot about sentences, bail, arraignments, arrests, and other aspects about the criminal trial.
    • Medical malpractice lawyer- if a doctor happens to make a mistake that causes the patient further injury, or if they misdiagnose, there might be a lawsuit that follows. If this is the case, the lawyer would do their best that the Doctor did indeed make a mistake and it did negatively impact the patient.
    • Tax lawyer- tax lawyers are a necessity when you’re having trouble with the IRS. Whether there’s been a mistake or you actually haven’t been paying your taxes, a tax lawyer can offer legal advice in this area.
    • Family lawyer- a family lawyer can consult on topics like child custody battles, divorce proceedings, and even prenuptial agreements.
    • Workers compensation lawyer- the difference between this lawyer and the personal injury lawyer is that the injury in this case happened at work. If a work place accident causes injury or even death, the lawyer can help you be financially reimbursed for the accident.
    • Contract lawyer- contracts are signed everyday. Because of their binding nature, there is often a lawyer involved to consult either party on what exactly it is they’re signing.
    • Social security disability lawyer- this can be a tricky system to navigate. For that reason there are lawyers that specialize specifically in the social security disability system.

    There will never be a shortage of lawyers, but you want to make sure you’re hiring the cream of the crop. If you’re in need of any of the above specialized lawyers or any other type, search here for the best attorney in your area.  


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