Four Tips to Make Your Move A Lot Easier

    As excited as you may be about moving to your new home, the thought of actually packing and getting everything on a truck tends to ruin most people’s mood. From packing, moving, unpacking, and setting up all your stuff, the whole process can seem like a drag. However, we have some tips that will help you make the process less tasking.

    Be a smart packer.

    Don’t wait until the weekend of the move to do all your packing or you’ll be quickly overwhelmed. It is smarter to set a daily quota for packing. You can pack 3-4 boxes every day, so that by the time you hit the weekend, you already have 15-20 boxes packed. This will ease your mind as the weekend approaches and you can easily finish with whatever you need to box up. This also helps in conserving your energy for the actual move and the unpacking.

    Smart packers also skip the cardboard boxes and use boxes with lids instead. This approach is more eco-friendly and doesn’t require the extra effort of taping, removing tape, and throwing the boxes out.

    Inform the utility companies beforehand.

    A few days before you actually make the move, inform your utility companies that you will be moving. This will allow them to switch the services from your current home to the new one. Just be sure to give them a call and remind them on the day you move. If any maintenance is required in the new home, they can go ahead and conduct that once you move in.

    Change your postal address.

    One of the most tasking things to do is to go and change your postal address. When moving, the last thing you want to do is have to make a trip to USPS, wait in line, and inform them of the change after filling out paperwork. You can skip that and fill out a change of address form online for a small fee, and they will make sure that the paperwork goes through.

    Move your basics beforehand.

    You want to move the basics with you in the car rather than sending them over in the moving truck. This includes your toiletries, any important medications, and a few pairs of clothes and pajamas – things you don’t want to have to open boxes to get to in the first few days. You can even move these items a day or two before the actual move so you already have them at your new place when you get there.

    Moving to a new place doesn’t have to be a stressful task. If you plan it properly and pack a little every day, you can save a lot of energy while making the process easier for yourself. This also gives you time to visualize your life in your new home, which can prepare you even more for the move. Remember that the unpacking and settling-in process takes a lot out of you as well. That is why it is important that you save that energy in the packing phase.


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