Four Healthcare Benefits You Want to Offer Your Employees

    The fact that your business only employs a few people is no reason for them to do without some type of group healthcare plan. You can come up with options for small group health insurance that is affordable and supplies what your employees need. As you consider different options, think about arranging a package that includes these four benefits.

    Life Insurance

    No one likes to think about passing away, but this type of event can happen without warning. How would loved ones manage debts like end of life expenses or funeral costs? One solution is to include provisions for life insurance in your employee healthcare plan. The coverage will go a long way toward easing some of the stress that the family feels as they mourn the loss of their loved one.

    Extended Healthcare

    While the provincial health system provides quite a bit of support, there are still expenses that must be addressed. For those who will require care for the rest of their lives, the costs can become hard to manage. Choosing to include provisions for an extended healthcare plan in the coverage you provide will help each employee prepare for this type of event. Should the day come when the care is needed, there will be no worries about how to pay for prescriptions, seek treatment for ongoing ailments, or even how to purchase a new pair of eyeglasses.

    Short and Long-Term Disability

    Disability can come about due to an injury, some kind of illness, or a developing mental health problem. When continuing to work is out of the question, how will the individual be able to pay the bills? The answer is disability coverage.

    Short-term benefits are for those who cannot work now due to some type of disability, but have the potential to recover eventually. The benefits help to replace lost income and allow the covered party to focus on recovery instead of worrying about mounting medical bills.

    Those who are determined to be permanently disabled will qualify for long-term benefits. Having this type of coverage in place ensures the individual will receive the proper treatment and have the opportunity to enjoy the best quality of life possible under the circumstances.

    Dental Care

    Taking care of the teeth and gums is not something that should be overlooked. In many ways, this type of care is just as important as seeing a physician regularly. By including dental care in the benefits you offer employees, they have the opportunity to schedule annual checkups, have their teeth cleaned, and in general take a proactive approach to maintaining a reasonable level of dental health. In the event a major issue should come to pass, the benefits will cover most of the cost and ensure your employee will be back at work sooner rather than later.

    While there are other types of coverage to explore, consider adding these four to the basic health coverage. In the long run, you will help your employees remain healthy and more productive.


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