Top 4 Perks Your Fitness Business Software Should Provide to Your Clients

    The gym or fitness studio software you install is not just for the staff. Your clients must also be considered before any purchase is made. A truly functional program will offer everything you need to manage the operation and provide your clients with a few benefits. Here are four essentials that need to be part of that program.

    Checking In and Out is Easy

    When a client comes in during a peak period, it can be a bit of a wait at the front desk. One way to make things move along faster is installing software that allows clients to check in using their smartphones. As they enter the facility, they access an application, log in, and note their arrival time. Once they finish with the class or workout, they can log the departure as they leave your facility. This approach frees your staff for other tasks and ensures your clients don’t have to wait in line.

    Accessing Account Information is Uncomplicated

    Clients may need to review their accounts for a number of reasons. Perhaps they want to make sure the automated payment for the monthly membership is posting correctly. Maybe the client would like to double-check the registration for an upcoming class. Perhaps there is the need to generate a report that shows the total membership fees spent this year. If you choose to utilize fitness and yoga software that allows your clients to do all these things, they won’t have to call and wait while someone looks up the information for them.

    Scheduling Private Sessions Takes No Time

    While classes are fine, there are times when clients will seek out time with a personal trainer. They could call and remain on hold while an employee finds out which trainer is available one certain dates and times. A better approach is mma gym software that allows clients to schedule a private session by checking for open slots with the different personal trainers. Online scheduling is quick, easy, and allows the client and your trainer to add the confirmed session on their daily schedules.

    Registering for Upcoming Events Takes No More Than a Minute

    You also want the software to allow clients to review upcoming events and register for them if they are interested. Those events could be new classes you are offering, special presentations for clients only, or some type of lecture or workshop offered by a local fitness expert. When coupled with the advertising methods you use to publicize the events, the ability to register online ensures those who are interested in attending have a seat reserved.

    These are only a few of the ways the right software product will support your clients. Compare different programs today and focus your attention on what each one will do for your team as well as your client base. It won’t take long to find the one that offers the best features for everyone involved.


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