4 Things You Must Understand About a DUI Conviction

    Not everyone realizes what a difference a DUI conviction can make. Rather than being a minor issue that is quickly resolved, the conviction can impact just about every facet of your life. Instead of assuming your lawyer will take care of everything with minimal input from you, consider these four realities about driving under the influence and the conviction that follows.

    There Will Be Punishments

    Current laws provide for a range of penalties, fines, and other punishments. A number of factors determine which of these actions will apply in your case. Is this your first offense? You may be able to get by with a fine, time served, and taking a class. If you have prior offenses, you could be facing jail time, a longer suspension of your driving privileges, and several other forms of punishment. Your lawyer will help you understand how these and other factors will impact the defense and possible outcomes resulting from your DUI charge in Guelph.

    Your Private Life Changes

    Expect some changes in your private life if a conviction comes about. Along with having to adjust your schedule to comply with the court’s decision, it’s likely that some of the people in your social circle will look at you a little differently. It’s true that the conviction will not matter to some. Others, however, will have a little less trust in your judgment. There may be a few that keep their distance, at least for a time.

    In your work life, you may find that the conviction closes certain opportunities for advancement. It goes back to the trust issue. The reasoning may be that promoting you to a position that requires sound judgment will not be in the best interests of the company. While your boss is unlikely to terminate your employment, you may find yourself stuck in the same position for quite a few years.

    Your Credit Could Be Affected

    You understand that your auto insurance costs are likely to increase, but have you considered what the conviction could mean to your ability to secure credit? Many lenders do more than run basic credit checks before lending large sums. With the DUI conviction on your record, it may be more difficult to secure a mortgage, a car loan, or even a credit card. Even if you are still approved, the terms are likely to be less competitive. That’s because lenders will consider you more of a risk.

    The Consequences Can Follow You for Years

    Keep in mind the consequences of the conviction are not all short-lived. It’s true that many of them will be a thing of the past after five years, but others will linger for much longer. That’s why it’s so important to work with the team of Mass Tsang Oshawa criminal lawyers when you face any type of serious legal issue. Your lawyer can help you understand the gravity of what has taken place and use every legal means of working toward the best possible resolution.

    Don’t wait another minute. After an arrest, secure legal counsel as quickly as possible. Remember to cooperate with your lawyer in every possible way. Doing so will make it easier to seek an equitable outcome and help you understand what is likely to happen next.


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