Four Gift Ideas for the Cannabis Enthusiast in Your Life

    What do you get for the cannabis enthusiasts in your life? The wake-and-bakers, blunt lovers, stoners and growers? They’re often the most content people you know, happy just to sink into a couch with some good music or shoot the breeze with friends on a sunny afternoon. And as such, they can be hard to shop for.

    No cannabis lover needs another acquaintance giving them a Bob Marley poncho or ornate bong – that kind of kitschy counterculture paraphernalia is outmoded and unhelpful. Instead, give them something they can use.

    This article lists five of the finest gift ideas for the cannabis lover in your life.

    Boveda Packs

    If you’re looking for an inexpensive stocking stuffer or gift addition, Boveda packs are the way to go. These two-way humidity control packets ensure your loved one’s stash never goes dry or stale. Their proprietary salt and water solution adds ambient moisture to a container, acting immediately to preserve the trichomes and terpenes on cannabis. The packets also save cannabis from getting overly moist by drawing in moisture if the relative humidity climbs too high.

    Cannabis aficionados swear by Boveda packs. And for around $15 for a ten-pack, your loved one will never worry about stale cannabis again.

    A Bespoke Ash Tray

    You have to give Seth Rogen some credit for sparking the recent renaissance in cannabis paraphernalia. As mentioned, cannabis items used to lean heavily on stereotypical (perhaps racist) Rasta imagery and psychedelic 60s-era kitsch.

    But Rogen’s company Houseplant elevated the concept with sophisticated, playful, deco-style ashtrays and rolling tables. Now, you can find bespoke, handcrafted ashtrays from several sources that serve a dual function as home art pieces. Check out this Leafly rundown of the most beautiful ashtrays on the market.

    A Foldable Rolling Tray

    When you’re rolling out of your house for the day, you still need somewhere to roll. That’s the idea behind the foldable rolling tray – a portable, multi-sectional table with spaces for your grinder, papers and a wide area for rolling.

    The best foldable rolling trays mix usability and style. They pack neatly into a day bag or carry-on luggage (if you’re travelling intrastate – don’t mess around with crossing borders!), and they look cool to boot. If you need inspiration, Esquire put together an impressive list of the best rolling trays. But the favourite around these parts is the Raw Elements Triple Flip Foldable Tray.

    A Portable Decarboxylator

    A brief science lesson: Decarboxylation is the process of converting the cannabinoids from raw flower into edible form through consistent heat. It’s an integral process in making effective cannabis edibles. But it’s finicky to accomplish on the stovetop.

    That’s where a portable decarboxylator comes in handy. If the cannabis enthusiast in your life dabbles in homemade edibles, this is the perfect gift. Full disclosure: it isn’t cheap (at around $250). But it’s a worthwhile investment that will be much appreciated by that gummy-loving cookie connoisseur in your life.

    Whatever your price point and whomever the recipient, you should find some inspiration in this list. From inexpensive Boveda packs that maintain freshness to pricey decarb devices for DIY edible makers, these are the best gifts for cannabis lovers.

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