4 Cool Ways to Use Marquee Letters at Your Wedding

    Your wedding day is meant to be as special as it can be. After all, this is one of the biggest days in anyone’s life. How it presents and looks is vital to how special the day is. There are a ton of aesthetic components, but did you know that marquee letters can have a huge visual impact?

    Something simple should not be overlooked as it can have an exponential impact on the overall visual aesthetic of the big day. Here are four cool ways in particular that you can implement those letters into your design.

    1. Marquee Arrow

    When we think of lettering, it only makes sense that we think of actual letters and words. But marquee styling doesn’t have to be just about the words involved. You can use other forms of type to pull the entire look together.

    For instance, having arrows to direct guests to certain things can really add to the overall vision of the day. Maybe it directs them to the food line or to the gift table. Whatever it is, this marquee visual can provide function as well as visual appeal.

    2. Head Table Signage

    The bride and groom are supposed to be the focal point on the big day. While there are more than a few ways to designate who we should be paying attention to, there is nothing that grabs attention quite like marquee letters.

    Even something as simple as the initials of the bride and groom in front of the head table can make a huge impact. The lighting draws attention to where it is supposed to go while adding a unique visual to the most important table in the room.

    3. Large Photo-Op Signage

    One of the most important aspects to any wedding day is having ample place and opportunity to take lots of pictures. The bride and groom have invited people there to share this big day with them and being able to capture the day with beautiful pictures is just part of it.

    So, what better way to create an epic picture than to have huge marquee initials to act as the backdrop? It will feel like Broadway as the backdrop, creating the kind of professional, beautiful pictures that any couple would love to have on their big day.

    4. Marquee “Mr. & Mrs.”

    Part of what makes a wedding day so special is making that designation: the couple is now Mr. and Mrs. That is a huge distinction to make and some couples don’t want to waste any time in making that distinction known.

    So, what better way to establish that change than by having a huge marquee “Mr. & Mrs.” either behind the head table or somewhere else of prominence in the room? It is an eye-catching sign that lets everyone know who the special day is all about. Even better, it can act as a great backdrop for candid photos as the event unfolds.


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