Five Surprising Reasons Everyone Should Carry a Folding Knife Every Day

    Behold the pocket knife. 

    Small, sleek and strong. Engineered for functionality, fun and sometimes even fashion. Some might say the pocket knife is as close to a perfect tool as there is on Earth. 

    And those are only a few reasons everyone should carry one. 

    In reality, the internet is littered with blog posts, news articles and even websites devoted to sharing the seemingly innumerable reasons people should carry a knife. Most focus on the functional (opening packages). Some reasons appear to be fear-induced (protection from rivals). Many are deadly serious (performing emergency tracheotomies). Others are just plain funny (dull teeth).

    But what about the unexpected?

    Surely not everyone is a survivalist, cage fighter or a teeth-grinder. What if you’re just an ordinary, everyday Joe or Jolene? Aren’t there at least a few reasons the everyday person should carry a knife every day? 

    Indeed there are. 

    Here, for your information and education, are five (somewhat) surprising reasons you should carry a folding knife

    1) It’s good for your mind, body and spirit

    In a world that’s filled with smartphones, self-driving vehicles and on-demand video games, you may think that whittling has fallen out of favor. After all, this is the “information age, right? 

    In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. 

    Sure, it’s probably true that people don’t sit out in the woods, whittling, as much as often as they did in the past. But if you fire up your smartphone, you’ll be able to quickly find websites devoted to whittling. In fact, there are even whittling groups, where people get together and … whittle. 

    Why, you ask? 

    Because whittling is good for your mind, body and spirit. It reduces stress, increases focus and can help clear your mind, according to an article in Military Times

    And if there’s one thing everyone knows about whittling, it’s that you can’t do it without a knife.  

    2) Make a statement

    You may think it’s only people like Grizzly Adams who proudly walk around with a knife attached to their belts. But you would be mistaken. 

    In reality, knives can make one heck of a fashion statement. 

    While it’s true most people might not think of them as an accessory, like a scarf, a watch, cap or handbag. But it wasn’t that long ago when newspapers such as the New York Times were running stories about how knives–pocket knives, to be precise–were popular among those fashion-forward folks in New York City. 

    And you know what they say about New York: Every day is a fashion show, and the city is your stage. 

    So go ahead, match that knife to your belt and shoes. 

    3) Your furry friends (may) thank you

    How many times have you walked your dog? Hundreds? Thousands? Hundreds of thousands? 

    All dog lovers know that there is a certain amount of risk associated with taking furry friends out for walks–especially if you’re going anywhere near an elevator. 

    Elevators, dogs and leashes are a recipe for disaster. 

    Imagine for a moment that your dog makes a dash for the elevator, just as its doors are closing. Or imagine it’s a dash off of an elevator, just as the doors are closing. What are you going to do as the elevator begins to move, with the leash still attached to your beloved pal? 

    If you have a knife, you can quickly cut the leash. 

    OK, now think of something fun and happy (because that image is neither). 

    4) Keeping kids happy

    Is there anything more frustrating than stepping on a LEGO that’s been left on the living room floor? 

    Probably not, but fumbling around with two LEGO bricks that will not separate has got to be a close second. And of course, the bricks that are stuck together are the only two bricks your kids need to finish their LEGO project. 

    Do you know what comes in handy in these types of situations? That’s right, a knife!

    5) Clamshells

    They are the bane of every shopper’s existence. They are impenetrable and irritating. They are clamshells, that sphere of plastic that covers whatever product you just bought or received in the mail–from toys to games to cosmetics to tools and pretty much everything else. 

    Clamshells are everywhere. Clamshells can be incredibly difficult to open. Clamshells are also no match for a knife. 

    So if you’re an avid shopper, consider procuring yourself a good, high-quality pocketknife. It will save you a lot of time and frustration. 

    Knives, it turns out, can make your life easier every day. 


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