Features and Advantages of AAA Insurance

    If you want to understand the features and benefits of a AAA insurance policy, reading several AAA insurance reviews may help. It does not just offer TripTiks and valuable roadside help. AAA offers a variety of great insurance products. The catch is that AAA clubs are not available in every location. 

    Definition of AAA Insurance

    The American Automobile Association is a national federation or club. With 25 individual clubs distributed throughout the U.S. and Canada, it allows members to receive a wide range of travel benefits. It boasts more than 60 million members, but each club operates independently and offers specific insurance options. In other words, discounts and insurance coverage can vary widely by geographical location. 

    AAA Insurance is one of the largest automobile insurance companies in the world. To qualify for AAA auto insurance, you need to be a member. The benefits and discounts offered are worth the cost of membership, however. 

    If you are looking for a barebones insurance policy, AAA may not be the best choice for you. However, if you are looking for auto insurance with tons of benefits, you will probably love AAA insurance. 

    Features of AAA Insurance

    Many AAA Auto Clubs offer other types of insurance products, such as life insurance and homeowner insurance. Each AAA club also has certain affiliations with other clubs. This is because insurance coverage, discounts, and benefits vary by location. 

    For example, in some areas, AAA will act as a broker. In other words, when the club receives your information, it will refer you to another insurance company, which will sell you insurance. In such a situation, you will still receive your member discount. This is quite common, especially when it comes to homeowners’ insurance

    In most cases, AAA directly sells insurance to its members. If you are interested in joining AAA, you should know that its ratings are a bit better across the board. Compared to most other insurance providers, however, AAA coverage options tend to be rather limited. For example, the homeowners’ insurance options are not as accessible as those for auto insurance. 

    Sometimes, the only way to get homeowners’ insurance is to combine it with auto insurance. Doing so can save you quite a bit of money. If you already have AAA car insurance, you should consider bundling it with homeowners’ insurance, as well. 

    AAA Coverage Options and Discounts

    Each AAA club has to offer state-mandated insurance options where it operates. Many AAA companies offer the following coverage options, as well:

    • Coverage for the custom equipment that pays to repair installed items after purchase, such as rims, cameras, or stereos.
    • Pet coverage for pets that die or get injured following an auto accident.
    • Gap insurance to pay for the difference between your lease or loan and the car’s value, in case you total your car or someone steals it.
    • Coverage for OEM exterior repairs to pay for original equipment parts.


    Most AAA insurance members get a discount for being club members. Other discounts offered by some AAA insurers include:

    • Multiple-policy discounts
    • Occupation and education discounts
    • Multiple-car discounts
    • Anti-theft device discounts
    • Student discounts
    • Discounts for members who pay their full premium
    • Safe driver discounts
    • Low mileage discounts
    • Professional group association discounts
    • Advanced purchase discounts
    • Discounts for students who are living at least 100 miles away from home

    The pricing for AAA insurance varies because the main product it offers is auto insurance. To get a quote directly from the company, simply visit its website and input your zip code. This will help you determine whether AAA is available in your area. 

    Advantages of AAA Insurance

    AAA insurance offers tons of benefits to its members. These include coverage for the cost of damages following a collision, property damage, and bodily injury liability. Others include coverage for underinsured or uninsured motorists, non-collision damage to your car, and personal injury protection. The company also has a mobile app that allows members to do several things, such as pulling out proof of insurance. 

    Membership Perks

    Roadside assistance is one of the best advantages of AAA membership. Members get coverage for towing, fuel delivery, roadside repairs, and jump-starts. As a member, you will simply need to make a phone call to receive quick assistance. Other benefits include an approved auto repair network and reimbursement for trip continuation.

    If you are in an auto accident more than 100 miles away from where you live, AAA will cover certain costs. These include car rental, hotel accommodation, and other expenses. 

    However, membership perks depend on your membership level and where you live. You may fail to see the AAA sticker at the airlines or hotels you choose. You need to remember that the company works with thousands of businesses to get AAA members different kinds of reduced rates. 


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