FAQs about Lori Wall Beds and Why You Should Get One

    People often have reservations when it comes to purchasing Lori wall beds. In fact, they have many questions before they commit to buying one. Buying a wall bed might not be as simple as buying a regular bed, but the answers to these questions are actually as easy as they seem.

    This article will look into some of the most common questions people have when buying wall beds. But first let’s take a look at wall beds to understand what they are and how they figure in your home.

    What are Wall Beds?

    Wall beds, also known as Murphy beds or Lori wall beds, are a type of bed that can be stored away when not in use. These beds can be folded up into a cabinet or vertically against the wall. The most common wall bed styles are those with panels and two doors. Regardless of the style you choose, wall beds are very comfortable, and they help free up space in your bedroom.

    Wall beds are different from sofa beds and/or futons, because the wall bed’s mattress can hinge on its frame without getting folded. Futons and sofa beds come with built-in foldable mattresses, which can be uncomfortable after some time.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Wall Beds

    Below are some frequently asked questions first-time buyers ask about wall beds.

    Q: Is it possible to use your own mattress?

    Yes, you can use any mattress for your wall bed. You don’t have to stop using a mattress that you’ve used for years, or are comfortable in, just because you have a wall bed. You can definitely customize your wall bed according to your mattress’ size and thickness. Mattresses with up to 10 inches of thickness can fit into a wall bed without using any box springs.

    Q: Is it difficult to install a wall bed? 

    Not really. A wall bed normally takes around two to three hours to set up, but there is no need to worry because instructions are usually provided to make the process a lot less daunting. You only need basic household tools and equipment to install the wall bed. There’s no need for you to spend money on special tools or modifications.

    If your wall bed comes with cabinets and shelves, it should take you around one or two hours to finish setting them up as well.

    Q: Is it hard to lower or raise wall beds?

    Lori wall beds are surprisingly easy to raise and lower due to their smooth-functioning mechanisms. The process of pulling and pushing the bed up and down is made simple thanks to the use of springs. All that’s left for you to do is to just grab the handle to lower or raise it.

    Q: Is it possible to design your own wall bed?

    Yes! Wall bed company should allow customers to design a wall bed in accordance to their taste and preferences. From there, the company can work through the plans and see if the design is feasible or not. While going down this route costs more than just purchasing a ready-made bed, you’ll be satisfied because it is designed and equipped with features that you want.

    Besides the ability to customize your wall bed, you also have the option to purchase the wall bed’s frame sans the drawers, cabinets, and shelves. You can save money this way and even add more furniture or additional cabinets!

    Why Get a Wall Bed?

    There are a number of reasons why it makes sense to get a wall bed and they are as follows:

    • They’re Space-Saving

    Wall beds are perfect for studio-type condos and tiny apartments because they take up very little space! Even in larger rooms or houses, wall beds can be quite convenient to have because of their space-saving feature.

    Lori wall beds take up very little space and will not be disturb the aesthetics of your room or home when it’s not in use.

    All you have to do is to pull the bed down from the wall when you or your overnight guests are ready to call it a night. Simply fold up the bed in the morning when it’s not in use so you can free up a significant amount of space in the room.

    • They’re Made from Quality Materials

    Because wall beds have mechanisms that let users pull them up and down, they are guaranteed to be durable and made of quality materials. Lori wall beds are guaranteed to be genuine, high-quality wall beds. Their hardware comes with a lifetime guarantee. In addition to that, they are also very comfy to sleep in.

    • They’re User-Friendly

    Wall beds are easy to open and close. The innovative spring system used in many wall beds were designed so that users find it easy to open and close them. In addition, they are very safe to use.

    • They Are Comfortable to Use

    Wall beds are not only space-saving, but they are also very comfortable to sleep in like regular beds. Wall beds are equipped with high quality coil mattresses that can give you a good night’s kiss every time.

    • They’re Customizable!

    One interesting thing about wall beds is that they are customizable. You can customize them according to your tastes and needs. For example, if you want to include pull-out shelves or drawers to your wall bed, you can ask the builder or bed maker to do that for you.

    Below are other custom options you can add to your wall bed:

    • Different wood finish to choose from
    • You can choose the size of the bed (single, double or queen)
    • You can have it designed as a single unit or as part of a bigger custom cabinetry unit
    • Adding shelves
    • Adding storage for pillows and blankets
    • Built-in lighting accent
    • They Help Create a Multi-purpose Space at Home

    Adding a wall bed to any room in your home will instantly improve its versatility. These rooms can function as offices, reading room, media room and bedroom at the same time.

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