Facts You Didn’t Know About Wine Decanter

    Decanters are an elegant addition to any dining table, but their primary purpose isn’t to add flair to your table setting. The reason wine decanters were invented was to separate the wine from the sediments that settle at the bottom of each bottle of wine. This keeps your glass of wine tasting fresh and fruity, even after it’s sat on the table for hours. Plus, if you want your guests to enjoy every last drop of their red or white wine, they need an easy way to pour out what’s left in the bottle without making a mess.

    1) The word decanter comes from Latin

    Decantare, meaning to transfer from one container to another.​ (Imagine pouring wine from a jug into a glass.) An open bottle of wine should be poured into a decanter, not left to sit on its own. This prevents spoilage and maintains its flavor. Red wines that are known for being full-bodied or bold taste best when they’re allowed to age and breathe in decanters. White wines benefit from aging as well—but reds usually take longer than whites to mature. The Le Chateau Wine Decanter is hand-blown by skilled artisans with mouth-blown borosilicate glass, making it easy to clean and dishwasher safe. It features an ergonomic shape so you can hold it comfortably while serving guests at dinner parties or family dinners.

    2) There are 4 types of decanters

    There are decanters with wire mesh inside (like Le Chateau Wine Decanter) or other removable components, vacuum-sealed decanters, natural crystals and colored crystal. All have their own benefits to suit your different needs. If you want to know more about wine decanters, check out our website https://lechateauwinedecanter.com/products/le-chateau-wine-decanter

    3) Consider the shape when buying a bottle

    The shape of a bottle can affect how much wine is poured into a glass. A taller, thinner wine decanter will cause less oxygen to mix with your Cabernet Sauvignon than a wider, shorter decanter. Make sure you know more about how different shapes affect your wine before you choose your vessel. Consider choosing a Le Chateau Wine Decanter for any formal occasion. These beautiful vessels not only allow you to enjoy your wine longer but also add an elegant touch to any table setting. They are perfect for restaurants and bars looking for high-quality options that customers will be sure to notice. Le Chateau offers many different styles, so you’re bound to find one that fits perfectly in your restaurant or bar!

    4) How long does red wine last in a wine decanter?

    If you’re considering opening a bottle of red wine in your decanter, you may be wondering how long it will last. The answer depends on when you opened your bottle and how much air was let into your decanter. If opened at room temperature and poured into a fully-stoppered decanter, red wine can stay fresh for up to seven days. However, if let out too early or exposed to oxygen over time, wines begin to oxidize and lose their flavor quickly.

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