Jelly Beard Oil Or Regular, Which Is Better?

    Beard oil is necessary for a healthy, trim, and neat beard for any man growing a beard. If you’ve been noticing others’ beards and wondering why yours is scraggly looking, you’re probably not investing as much on your beard as others are. A healthy beard needs more than just washing, and just any oil won’t cut it either. Diet is essential for beard growth and health, but sometimes our beard needs more nutrients. Most of the ingredients used to make beard oils contain nutrients and vitamins your beard needs.

    What Is A Jelly Beard Oil?

    Jelly beard oil is fast becoming popular among beard oils, although only a few brands like Bossman Brand have produced jelly beard oils. What makes a jelly beard oil different from a regular beard oil is its consistency. Jelly beard oils have thicker viscosity than traditional beard oils allowing for a more even coat.

    Jelly Or Regular Beard Oil: Which Is Better?

    If you are someone with a thicker or longer beard, you might find out that regular beard oils don’t work well for you. While the beard absorbs the oil quickly, the thickness of the beard prevents the oil from deeply penetrating the pores, as the many hair strands drink up the oil. The oil dries quickly, and you might have to oil your beard more times than you can count in a single day.

    On the other hand, Jelly beard oil is thick enough to provide enough oil to the hair strands and penetrates the pores at the same time. So, with jelly beard oil, your beard is moisturized, soft, and luscious throughout the day, and there’s enough oil to penetrate the pores and promote growth and a healthy beard. Also, unlike regular oils, jelly beard oil doesn’t feel greasy, so most people with dryness, itchiness, irritation, or beardruff use it to deal with these conditions.

    How To Use The Jelly Beard Oil

    The jelly beard oil and the regular beard oil have the same application method. And like the regular beard oil, it is better to apply it after a shower as the beard has been washed of all debris, and the pores are open to absorb the nutrients in the beard oil. These are the necessary steps for applying the jelly beard oil:

    1. After taking a shower, towel dry your hair.
    2. Apply a small amount onto your palm and warm it by rubbing it between your palms.
    3. Thoroughly massage it into your beard, moving from the root to the tip and back again. Be gentle while applying the beard jelly, and take your time as massaging your beard will stimulate blood flow, which increases hair growth
    4. Comb or brush to evenly distribute the oil and soften your beard.


    Many factors are involved in growing a thick beard, and if you already have a thick beard, you should know that maintaining it is also not that easy. If the traditional beard oil is not working for you, it is nothing to worry about. With the right jelly beard oil and consistent application, you’ll have a soft, luscious, tame, and healthy beard in no time.

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