Experience a Musical Ascension with Scott Howard

    Feel your senses come to life with Scott Howard’s live musical vibrations. The rising artist will be performing his spellbinding music in person at Shannon’s At The Top in Long Beach on Saturday, September 21st at 7:00 PM. This unforgettable end of summer soirée is a chance to experience Howard’s romantic and catchy tunes in a superior setting.

    Scott Howard is an unconventional performer who introduces his own vibrant and spirited genre to the music industry. His debut album “Ascended Man” brought audiences raw and personal songs such as “Come With Me” and “Awaken.” Howard’s approaching live show provides fans the opportunity to hear his EP in person at the ascended frequency of 432 hertz, beloved by classical composers such as Bach and Beethoven. 

    Howard uses songwriting and performing as a form of recovery and healing, spreading inspirational messages to his fans. His thoughtful lyrics reflect his sincere experiences with overcoming loss, falling in love and wanting effective change. He aims to use his artistry to spread optimism and positivity to listeners around the globe.

    Howard’s upcoming performance brings the opportunity for fans to experience his music in an intimate and inclusive setting. The established venue matches Howard’s alluring aesthetic and provides audiences a comfortable, yet lively setting for a musical night out on the town. The show is perfectly timed to occur during the glowing SoCal sunset – the best time to experience these phenomenal and marvelous melodies. 

    The extraordinary musician might be new to the industry, but is gaining exposure to become an artist known in households worldwide. Enjoy a life changing night at 432 hertz in Long Beach with Scott Howard’s live music, delectable hors d’oeuvres and savory cocktails. Tickets can be purchased on: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/scott-howard-live-at-the-top-tickets-70348735963

    Follow Howard on Instagram at @scotthowardmusic or Facebook at @scotthowardmus. Visit https://scotthowardmusic.com/ for more information.


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