[Exclusive] Intimate Revelations from Top 5 Female London Escorts

    They live the glamorous, discreet, breath-taking life in the secret heart of London. They nourish short-lasting careers, but one night with them can be worth £10,000. Read through to find more about our selected girls and all the perks and whims of a charming London Escort.

    “We could only burst out laughing: we had literally broken the bed!”

    Bruna is a 21-year-old brazilian london escort. She tells the story of a fun first night she spent with a couple. “We were at a hotel and things were quite advanced: I was going down on the woman as her husband took her from behind“, she said, smiling, “when the sound of suddenly splitting wood interrupted us. Then the side of the bed we were on slumped to the floor and the three of us with it!”. “We stared at each other for a second, but we could only burst out laughing: we had literally broken the bed!”, she continues. “We decided to continue on the sofa and take care of it later, but there was no problem whatsoever with the hotel, as it appears it had happened before”. The escort and the couple got together more times after the event, and it appears it created an even more fun atmosphere among them.

    “I earned £20,000 a night and £40,000 for a weekend”

    Lauren, former high-class prostitute, earned £10,000 a night – at her peak £20,000, and £40,000 for a weekend. “No one earns that money now,’ she says. ‘Prices have gone down in the last five years. Changing times.” she said in an interview with Charlotte Edwardes for Tatler. She travelled aboard private jets and yachts and stayed at the world’s smartest hotel rooms. Her clients were on the Forbes list.

    Lauren speaks several languages and used to read the Financial Times and The Economist to stay abreast of world events, as well as fashion magazines ‘for style’.

    “Girls are sent to etiquette classes, to learn how to sit, eat, which knife, fork, which glass for the white, for the red. It can’t be obvious to the other dinner guests that she’s a prostitute”, Lauren added. According to her, looks and training are what makes a girl of her price league.

    “I was at The Dorchester Hotel for three hours and I walked out with a thousand pounds”

    Zoe is talking about her very first day as an escort, when she was 23. “I went straight to Harrods the next day and bought myself some Gucci shoes and a Louis Vuitton bag.”, she told Cosmopolitan in an interview. She is now 33 and claims to have loved the job from the start: “It was a complete buzz. I went for lovely dinners and went to the theatre. I was taken on lovely holidays. I thought, “I love this, I want to do it forever”.

    Her strangest experience happened in a holiday to the Canary Islands:  “He asks me to put on a lacy see-through body stocking, which was crotchless, and a pair of high heels. So, I went in to the bathroom to freshen up and get changed. I walked out to find he was lying on the bed in the same see-through crotchless body stocking, red lipstick and high heels. It was like we were twin sisters! It was so hilarious that I had to walk into the bathroom laughing. I made my excuses and told him that I had a bad tummy.”

    While Zoe’s family was supportive of her choice, she says the hardest time in her career was when a friend decided to follow her into the business and ended up with bad working conditions. “I was very fortunate. I was working for one of the top escort agencies in London at the start of my career and they had a lot of nice clients. But not every agency thinks about the girls that work for them or vets their clients”, she adds.

    “I fell in love with a client once”

    Another high-class girl from Central London became an escort at 19. “At first I did it out of curiosity and then I realized that I like the idea of going to a fancy dinner, to dress nice and get paid for it as well.”, she told Air-Valid in an interview. She finds her clients online, through her agency: they are rich and they give her a fun time. She receives so many gifts that she started giving some to her friends: luxury bags, jewellery, money. She quit her job for 6 months for the man she fell in love with – until they ended it.

    However, this escort has a friend who married a rich man. “She was a stunning Russian lay. She met him when he booked for the first time. After he spent a few hours with her, he was crazy about her. He used to come to her place twice a week , called her non stop, until he decided couldn’t stay apart from her anymore. He wanted her only for himself. Now she lives in Monaco, has 2 children with him and apparently is very happy. So, yes, it does happen in real life!”, she said.

    “Clients want everyone to think they’re going out with a model”

    Anna is from Russia and started escorting after not making it in the modelling world. “There were a million Eastern European girls like me at the agency. I couldn’t earn proper money”, she told Tatler in an interview.

    Most of her clients are financiers – hedge funders, CEOs, rich businessmen who like to travel. “I can make £5,000 a night. Sometimes £10,000 or £15,000 for a weekend”. She adds that today’s clients like their escorts to blend in as much as possible. “They don’t want you to dress like a hooker. Today you need to look natural. Don’t dress like their wives,” she smiles, “although most of their wives try to dress like us”.

    Anna doesn’t know what the future will bring.  “Maybe I’ll marry a rich man,” she says. “If not, I’ll start my own business.” Does she imagine having a normal life?  “Maybe. I hope.”, she says, “It’s hard to think about it. Right now, I just want to make money”.

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